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Nokia shows off Symbian 3 OS

It’s long been known that Nokia’s had a hard time selling its popular devices in the U.S.

But its latest smartphones coming have a series o… Read more »

iphone reboot
photo: Flickr/Schill

The International Trade Commission will have first dibs on deciding whether Nokia (NYSE: NOK) or Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) are infringing on each o… Read more »

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Nokia C5 Low-End Smartphone

One of the more obvious opportunities in mobile is getting the smartphone past the affluent, early-adopters — and Nokia (NYSE: NOK), the la… Read more »

Palm's CEO Jon Rubinstein at CES 2010
photo: Tricia Duryee

Palm’s recent launch with Verizon Wireless has failed to generate any momentum for the company, putting the company’s long-term prospects in… Read more »

Samsung has interpretive dancers during its press conference unveiling bada at MWC 2010
photo: Tricia Duryee

The biggest news events at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona were Microsoft’s Windows 7 unveiling and Google’s massive prolifer… Read more »

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Motorola Calgary -- An Android phone?
photo: AndroPhones

U.S. consumers are continuing to base their phone-buying decision on how well the device sends text messages, which is leading to an increas… Read more »

Motorola's Latest Devices
photo: Motorola

The International Trade Commission is a busy bunch these days. It’s not only hearing cases from both Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and Nokia (NYSE: NOK… Read more »

Nokia CES

Here are just some of the photos that I collected from the biggest mobile stories at CES in 2010 this past week.

The festivities kicked of… Read more »

Jake Seid

Jake Seid is a managing director at Lightspeed Venture Partners where he specializes in the mobile, Internet, systems, software and componen… Read more »

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