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Nokia (NYSE: NOK) plans to roll out Ovi in India in the first half of this year, an indication that the handset behemoth doesn’t see the cou… Read more »

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Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has released a firmware update for the N95, which reportedly improves the handset in a number of ways, but The Register ha… Read more »

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) wants a cut from a subscriber’s mobile plan, just as Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) has managed to wrangle from wireless networks carr… Read more »

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) is buying Palo Alto, Ca-based Avvenu, the three-year old technology provider of secure file-access-and-share services. The… Read more »

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has signed up another carrier to its Ovi service — Telecom Italia. The deal will see Nokia customize its handsets (starti… Read more »

Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Universal are upping the stakes in the music download market, teaming together to offer free 12-month access to music… Read more »

We mentioned this briefly earlier, but Nokia (NYSE: NOK) has now released the details. O2 has launched a trial of 500 people of its O2 Walle… Read more »

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