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The US International Trade Commission (ITC) will start an investigation into some of Nokia’s 3G phones due to a complaint by InterDigital la… Read more »

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PocketGamer has interviewed Jaakko Kaidesoja, Director of Play New Experience Multimedia at Nokia, about the new N-Gage service. It turns ou… Read more »

As an indication of where Nokia wants to take convergence, its new N81 handset is both a music phone and a gaming phone, so works well with… Read more »

Nokia has announced the brand name that will cover its internet services, Ovi — which is “door” in Finnish. This will cover the N-Gage and… Read more »

At its Go Play event Nokia has announced that the N-Gage mobile gaming service will go live around the world in November (not live this week… Read more »

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Symbian has reported a 52 percent increase in shipments of handsets with its smartphone operating platform in the second quarter to hit 18.7… Read more »

Another handset maker takes another step into the mobile content space: Nokia on Wednesday will be formally announcing its online music serv… Read more »

Nokia’s (NYSE: NOK) new Ngage effort will go live this week, morphed into a multiplayer service available across its range of smartphones. T… Read more »

Or, strange bedfellows get a little cozier. In a bid to be more competitive with the Apple digital entertainment juggernaut, today Nokia (NY… Read more »

Fortune Magazine (via CNN Money) has a rumors-are-rife story that Nokia (NYSE:NOK) is planning an online music service to rival iTunes. Whil… Read more »

Nokia is expanding its N-gage gaming platform to include PCs and is developing a game — Project White Rock — as a demonstration game. “Whi… Read more »

NBC: Wimbledon will be streamed live to mobile phones for the first time, with NBC2GO putting live coverage of the Men’s and Ladies finals o… Read more »

Nokia plans to launch a service in 2008 that will let people point cameraphones at real world objects and get information on them from based… Read more »

In a clear indication of the number of different mobile TV technologies available, the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) requeste… Read more »

Malaysia will be one of the first countries to get a DVB-H network with a deal between Nokia and pay TV company MiTV (the first DVB-H rollou… Read more »

Nokia has filed another lawsuit against Qualcomm, this one in a Texas district court seeking damages and injunctive relief — it’s in respon… Read more »

As the launch of the iPhone draws near the stories on it haven’t let up. The Wall Street Journal has a piece on mobile phones that are (or w… Read more »

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