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Nokia has announced that it has 1 million registered users of its Widsets service, a set of widgets that allows users to get selected intern… Read more »

This was only a matter of time…Nokia is suing Qualcomm for patent infringement and seeking an injunction against Qualcomm’s infringing chi… Read more »

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After almost a year of regular hype-building announcements, Doordarshan (DD) has finally launched its Mobile TV pilot with Nokia. The pilot… Read more »

Just a short note…Nokia has stated that there have been 100 million smartphones using Nokia’s S60 software platform sold by itself and its… Read more »

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Analysts have given some slightly different figures for global handset sales in the first quarter of this year (252 million from Strategy An… Read more »

The Gnome initiative, which is a free-software project aimed at developing a complete range of desktop applications for Linux and Unix, has… Read more »

Nokia has announced a set of tools (Web Run-Time) so that third-party developers can create widgets for its Symbian Series 60 smart phones.… Read more »

Yep, I have one of these now…yes, the battery is what you would expect from the new Nokia phones. Other than that, the InfoSync video revi… Read more »

In an article on Nokia’s move into mobile advertising in the Mobile Media newsletter from Informa Telecoms and Media there’s an interesting… Read more »

Nobody really expected Nokia and Qualcomm to resolve their differences in opinion on the value of each company’s patents by Monday (the expi… Read more »

Qualcomm chief executive Paul Jacobs has said that Qualcomm is “hopeful that we can avoid Armageddon and a massive escalation but it’s hard… Read more »

Rumors have been flying this week that Palm is on the auction block — apparently started by a story in It quoted “sources clo… Read more »

Nokia has filed an application in Europe to argue that certain of Qualcomm’s patents have been exhausted in Europe, notes Forbes. “Nokia sai… Read more »

The Financial Express has an interview with Devinder Kishore, director of marketing at Nokia India, which covers how Nokia markets phones in… Read more »

Indian public broadcaster Prasar Bharti (also known as DD for Doordarshan) has teamed with Nokia to start a DVB-H trial in various metropoli… Read more »

Mobile Industry Biz has an interview with Antoine Doumenc head of global sales for games at Nokia (NYSE: NOK), about the upcoming N-Gage pla… Read more »

Nokia has sent out a series of press releases about its upcoming N-Gage mobile gaming platform Mk II, summarized by EasyBourse. As well as a… Read more »

The Wall Street Journal has a post on location based services, specifically the hopes of Nokia that introducing handsets that use GPS to ena… Read more »

Just to keep up to date on the “Qualcomm vs Nokia” battle, CNet notes that the US investigation into Qualcomm’s claims that Nokia is infring… Read more »

Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs has said that GSM operator AT&T’s (nee Cingular) decision to go with MediaFLO “could be a way to bring Nokia and Qu… Read more »

Nokia is trying again on the mobile games side, after the N-Gage disaster: It plans to launch a games-enhanced phone this summer, says WSJ.… Read more »

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