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Reuters is quoting sources as saying that Nokia will unveil a mid-range DVB-H capable phone at 3GSM, which will be the N77. This comment is… Read more »

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Two days after Apple took the wraps off its much-anticipated iPhone, industry reaction continues to dominate the headlines. Reuters reports… Read more »

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Nokia has signed MSN as the exclusive online distributor of its Nokia New Year’s Eve concert, which will be held in five cities starting on… Read more »

The moves by handset manufacturers to rename the devices they make have been generally met with derision, but now BusinessWeek is suggesting… Read more »

Nokia has launched a series of tools to help operators “throttle bandwidth hungry applications such as VoIP and peer to peer file sharing ov… Read more »

Nokia has commissioned a report from the London School of Economics, titled This Box Was Made For Walking (PDF), which “examines the future… Read more »

This article covers Nokia’s plans in the mobile gaming space, as it promotes its “next gen” series but keeps the N-Gage brand going, “despit… Read more »

Nokia has appointed Telcogames co-founder Mark Ollila to the role of director of technology and strategy for games and multimedia. “In his n… Read more »

Nokia and Paramount Pictures have signed a deal to launch blockbuster Mission Impossible III on memory cards for Nseries phones at the same… Read more »

Nokia has released its Q3 earnings (press release) showing net sales up 20% year on year but operating profits down 4%. “One analyst called… Read more »

Nokia has announced it will “work with Orb Networks to integrate Orb MyCasting into the Nokia N80 Internet Edition”. This will allow users o… Read more »

Nokia expects to have ready WiMax-capable phones in 2008. At that stage (well, when the phones actually get sold in any significant number)… Read more »

A deal between Vietnamese broadcaster VTC and Nokia will result in a mobile TV service being launched in Vietnam by the end of the year — w… Read more »

The WSJ has an interesting article on Nokia’s efforts in the mobile music space, as it tries to claw back recognition for its high-end hands… Read more »

Nokia seems to be hedging its bets, now integrating Microsoft Live Search into its Mobile Search platform, “Mobile Search platform, thus ena… Read more »

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