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Nokia is going to follow Motorola and Samsung in giving their handsets names…it’s been suggested that it is easier to build a brand around… Read more »

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Yahoo, which has already been working closely with Nokia on its Yahoo Go application, has made a deal with the handset maker on embedding Ya… Read more »

This is the latest high-end handset from Nokia, which can use both telco networks and WiFi networks. “The N80 Internet Edition can be used a… Read more »

Nokia has announced it will buy German navigation software maker gate5 by the end of the year with the intent of offering maps on its mobile… Read more »

There’s a lot of stories in the press about luxury phones at the moment, probably because of a revelation by Chris Harris, marketing directo… Read more »

Kamar Shah, the head of industry marketing of Nokia, has provided an insight into Nokia’s mobile games strategy at the GCDC. “According to S… Read more »

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Here’s an interesting article about Nokia and its plans (to dominate the market for smartphones), after the writer sat in on a summit for No… Read more »

An interview with the new Head of Design at Nokia, Alastair Curtis, and what is behind the Nokia design and the phone as a social media anim… Read more »

Of course, everyone wants to know how to win the mobile TV war, but the answers not going to be known until the war is actually won. Still,… Read more »

The future of the mobile market will be strongly effected by the results of the battle between Qualcomm and Nokia, which will determine the… Read more »

Nokia has released a free podcasting app for the Nokia N91 and other Nokia S60 3rd edition devices. The service is intended to “make it easy… Read more »

OK, so the N-Gage was a flop (the biggest thing I remember about the Sydney launch was that is was held in a disused power station I passed… Read more »

Nokia is continuing to use content to differentiate its handsets from competing brands (both handset brands and telcos). It has launched the… Read more »

I find this strange…Australian incumbent Telstra has signed up US company Brightstar to “source and warehouse its mobiles”, effectively ad… Read more »

An interesting move from Yahoo Australia…It has teamed up with Nokia to launch the Yahoo! Go Mobile application preloaded on some Nokia ha… Read more »

Nokia has launched Gameshop, which allows owners of an N-Gage to preview, buy and download games for the handheld device on their PC, then t… Read more »

Nokia has expanded its Mobile Search software. “The search will allow users to fast-track directly to desired contact numbers with just one… Read more »

T-Mobile and EA have teamed up for a FIFA World Cup promotion: “Special edition Nokia handsets — namely the 6280, 6131 and N70 — will come… Read more »

Nokia has announced a number of things relating to mobile games, which are outlined in this article. It has a new games platform, as well as… Read more »

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