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Branded phones are probably a better idea than MVNOs for brand companies…cheaper as well. Premium sports car company Aston Martin and Noki… Read more »

Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s head of multimedia unit, has reportedly told the Financial Times that mobile phones will “deal a final blow” to the p… Read more »

Nokia has received a patent in mobile content delivery, though I am not sure how significant it is…the description: “A mobile content deli… Read more »

I received a press release from Nokia this morning claiming that “results from pilots on broadcast (DVB-H) mobile TV services amongst consum… Read more »

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Nokia has announced that it will release the source code for its Python for S60 software package, which allows “independent software vendors… Read more »

A group of companies have formed the Mobile DTV Alliance, which “aims to encourage open standards for TV broadcasts to mobiles, focusing on… Read more »

Following on from Qualcomm’s announcement that it was suing Nokia for patent infringement the Finnish company has replied that Qualcomm hasn… Read more »

Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against Nokia, accusing it of infringing a dozen patents related to GSM…it asked Nokia to stop selling or pro… Read more »

Nokia has predicted the DVB-H mobile broadcast TV technology will be rolled out in some markets by mid-2006, which is a fairly standard perc… Read more »

Nokia has released three new mobiles aimed at different parts of the mobile multimedia spectrum…
The N71 is the latest member of the Nokia… Read more »

A good look back over two and a half years of Nokia’s game deck…the message seems to be clear from the handset market leader – it remains… Read more »

Nokia has gathered together its Symbian development tools in one brand, Carbide c++, with the fairly obvious aim of encouraging mobile conte… Read more »

At CTIA I asked almost everyone I met involved in mobile TV how many subscribers were required for the system to be successful, or profitabl… Read more »

Everyone wants to say they’re trumping Apple..anyway, Nokia has unveiled the Nokia 3250 music phone. The new Nokia phone is the first under… Read more »

(via Russ) Big news in the mobile world: Christian Lindholm, the father of Nokia Series 60 and Navi-key UI, is joining Yahoo as the VP of G… Read more »

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