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Newspaper’s Litmus Test: How local newspaper sites should be looking at their online ventures in a different light: “A litmus test is how yo… Read more »

AOL Developing High-Speed Streaming Tech: Following up on the earlier Fortune story, reports on the details of AOL’s new streaming… Read more »

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The NewsMarket Raises $3 Million: The NewsMarket, a web-based video distribution company, has raised $3 million in venture capital funding f… Read more »’s Auditors Doubt Its Continued Viability: Salon Media Group (Nasdaq: SALNC), operator of, has just filed it annual repor… Read more »

Credit Cards May Default on Gaming: E-gaming companies (that is, Internet gambling casinos etc., NOT network gaming) could see their growth… Read more »

Is Terrorism a Threat To Subscription Services?: This is worth noting in full–a list of the risk factors which RealNetworks released along… Read more »

Weblogs For Newspapers?: Steve Outing exhorts newspapers to take up weblogging to connect with readers. “It could even be a paid subscriptio… Read more »

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Money From Trade Publishing: Trade publisher Reed Elsevier has made a remarkable turnaround, and its specialty online units are expected to… Read more »

RealNetworks On Sony Devices: Following the earlier announcement that users will soon have the ability to transfer music from Pressplay to S… Read more »

Venture Capital in Digital Entertainment: Venture Capital in media and digital entertainment seems to be better than the overall investing e… Read more »

Bereft of any way to monetize the seemingly valuable programming, Yahoo (Nasdaq: YHOO) has decided to close two free services: is scrapping… Read more »

Among the most cogent arguments against micropayments, drawing on comparisons from other disciplines. Micropayments will work “for services… Read more »

Pressplay on Sony Devices: Sony Electronics and the online music subscription service Pressplay have announced that users will soon have the… Read more »

AOL Turning Sour on RealNetworks?: RealNetworks has always had a close relationship with AOL, more as a result of being Microsoft adversarie… Read more »

Setting Up Streaming Subscription Sites: The first part of an extensive tutorial on developing a streaming subscription site–from liabilit… Read more »

Streaming Sites Favor Ad Model, But How Long?: Streaming media content sites favor streaming advertising over subscription by a 60 percent t… Read more »

Korea is the biggest online gaming country in the world, and a small upstart NC Interactive is planning to make a run at it, against giants… Read more »

Get Ready to be Tethered: Newsweek does a story on “Palladium”, the new digital rights management and cryptography system being developed by… Read more »

Fill it Up, Britney: Start-up Internet has released Britney Spears Smart Card for $29.95. It comes with a card reader, plugs into a computer… Read more »

Wireless Content Pricing Models: The story gives a rundown on the various kinds of pricing models (from a developer’s perspective) in Europe… Read more »

RealNetworks Slides More Than 15 Percent: RealNetworks’ shares are getting hammered by a report released by NetRatings detailing the market… Read more »

The paid content debate continues on Online Writing List. This particular post (again, there’s no easy way to link to it, but it is titled “… Read more »

The Economist takes a look at the gaming industry, the “rare bright spot in the gloomy technology industry.” Besides the physical consoles m… Read more »

Another “pasty white” story on how users are unwilling to pay for content, this time from Ireland. Just 18 per cent willing to pay for daily… Read more »

Death of Free E-mail: Call it the personal e-mail shakeout. Things are changing, but slowly. “So far surfers aren’t lining up to pay for the… Read more »

Chime in on Subscription Discussion: Since last Wednesday, a fascinating discussion about online paid content has been developing on Online… Read more »

Do you want for broadband penetration to reach a critical mass before jumping in ? Aren’t we there already? Pew Internet’s latest research c… Read more »

IGN Raises $2 Million: IGN Entertainment (Nasdaq: IGNX), which till recently was called, has raised $2 million in a private pl… Read more »

MPEG-4 Tech for Wireless Content: Before wireless users become comfortable with video and audio content, the technology has to be in place.… Read more »

We’re Broke: The Economics of a Web Community: Kuro5hin, the uber-intellectual tech community site, is going through the survival pangs. So… Read more »

Valuing Content: Not directly related to media content, rather commercial content, but some important lessons: How do you value the price of… Read more »

PWC’s take on convergence and how broadband adoption will drive it. “To see where the ‘digital evolution’ is headed, take a look at the surg… Read more »

CNET’s Follies: CNET (Nasdaq: CNET), which is perhaps the bible for all kinds of tech news, is in itself down in the dumps. It’s stock is at… Read more »

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