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There are a couple of mobile banking/payment stories coming out of Asia…
In Japan KDDI has entered a pact with the Bank of Tokyo to set up… Read more »

Updated: Our alert users remind us: Warner Music has been doing this for more than a year…
Original post: If I am not mistaken, this is th… Read more »

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Itaas Inc and eMbience have partnered to form a mobile content distribution/payment service called MPTV. The idea is that people will use th… Read more »

NYT has a post on a trial by “a group of payment and wireless companies” in mobile payments in the US. “This is going to happen sooner than… Read more »

Our collection of stories of Paypal’s mobile efforts in the last two years:
– PayPal Going Mobile — But Where?
– PayPal Seeks Mobile Recr… Read more »

The service is also available in Canada and UK…UK already has a slew of mobile payment services, including some through the operators…
A… Read more »

U.S. mobile payment startup Vayusa, whose first product is Mobile Lime, has received $10.08 million of an $11.4 million first round, accordi… Read more »

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There’s been a few stories about PayPal’s incipient move into mobile payments, although they’re all based on the fact that the company is hi… Read more »

This application is not by Amazon, but by Moonlight Mobile, which has also produced an application that connects to eBay from mobile phones.… Read more »

Brisbane-based company Qpay has given 100 school kids $10 to use an SMS payment system. “They can transfer the money to existing bank accoun… Read more »

PayPal is keen to enter mobile micropayments and has finally gotten around to start a business to get it going, advertising for staff for Pa… Read more »

UK users are keen on mobile banking, according to a survey — 51% expressed interest in using a mobile banking service. The survey was condu… Read more »

A new mobile payment system has been launched…TextPayMe allows people to send money with an SMS. It works like this: Someone signs up to t… Read more »

The use of phones for mobile content commerce is set to take off in UK, as mobile operators announce a cross-network policy for its use, re… Read more »

Bango has signed a deal with PayPal to allow vendors using the Bango portal to offer PayPal to their clients as a billing option. “With this… Read more »

Mobile entertainment and technology company Urban Mobile has signed a deal with electronic payments processor e-pay to promote UM’s mobile c… Read more »

Orange plans to launch a service by Q4 that will allow merchants the opportunity to pay for goods by charging the customers Orange telephone… Read more »

As James reported earlier, the pan-European mobile payments systemSimpay’s future is in a has posted an official statement on its… Read more »

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