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Merrill Lynch analyst Lauren Rich Fine surveys the April media stock landscape and finds the internet group leading the pack. Newspapers wer… Read more »

Tom Online, a latecomer in the crowded but potentially explosive Chinese Internet market, says it plans to announce an acquisition in the co… Read more »

Look under the hood of some of the Chinese portals, and things may not be as pretty….an analysis of’s 10-K annual report… Read more »

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Net titans Microsoft, Yahoo and EarthLink are all considering broadening their lucrative search businesses by providing access to online sea… Read more »

“I think there is an Achilles’ heel in SMS,” says Diamond of Capstone Investments. “SMS is hot, but these companies are getting 85 cents on… Read more »

Last week, I met people from IndiaTimes, one of the biggest portals in India…the portal is owned by the Times of India Group, the “Time Wa… Read more »

China’s most popular messaging service, positioning itself for an IPO, is setting up a Web portal to help it compete in a market that is hom… Read more »

(sub. req.): A fascinating story on, one of the big three web portals targeting the Chinese market..according to the story, today,… Read more »

Chinese Internet media company’s quarterly profits swelled on the back of popular demand for wireless text messaging services. It r… Read more »

Telstra, Australia’s biggest telecom/Net player, will mutter the last rights over the long-cold corpse of its $100 million inter… Read more »

Daniel Mao has stepped down as CEO of Chinese Internet media company and will be replaced Wang Yan, the president of the portal, Read more »

Chinese Internet media company reported a surge in profits in the first quarter on Tuesday but said its online gaming business s… Read more »

Following yesterday’s news that Chinese portal (Nasdaq: SOHU) posted strong profits, rival (Nasdaq: SINA) also posted a pr… Read more »

Chinese Internet portal (Nasdaq: SOHU) reported a strong first quarter profit as the company’s bid to boost subscription services l… Read more »

Portal Wars Round II: “Big portals have recently been successful at getting consumers to pay for content and services. Does this bode well f… Read more »

China’s Swings to Profit: Chinese-language Internet company posted a second-quarter profit of $1.5 million, its first ever… Read more » Says It Will Turn Profit Every Quarter of 2003: German Internet portal company has turned a profit in the Q4 ’02. The news of… Read more »

Sputtering Growth Sparks Changes at MSN: Microsoft is rethinking its strategy for its new MSN 8 Internet service, amid signs of stagnant gro… Read more » Posts Profit: Once written off as another flamed-out Web portal, Chinese media company has roared back to life with its se… Read more »

China Web Portals Surge to Two Year Highs: On account of diversification of revenues sources. “NetEase now earns the remaining 80-85 percent… Read more »

Terra Lycos’ New U.S. Head to Focus on Subscriptions: (This is my first post from London!!) Terra Lycos named a new head of U.S. operations… Read more »

Web Portals Play for Online Revenues: Yahoo, America Online and Microsoft are in a cyber shootout for gamers willing to pay to play on the I… Read more »

Will Have Its Way Against Yahoo?: The ad-free, fee-free online portal, the newest and the strangest entrance in the sect… Read more »

Branded ISPs Back in Fashion, Banking on Premium Services: After suffering through one wave of failed branded ISP marriages, content compani… Read more »

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