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Anonymous Guy Fawkes mask

As promised, hactivist group Anonymous organized demonstrations on Saturday in 16 cities throughout India, protesting the governments Internet laws and the ISPs’ blocking of popular file-sharing sites. Protesters donned Guy Fawkes masks and amassed at cricket grounds and other outdoor landmarks from Chennai to Delhi. Read more at GigaOM »

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Internet Privacy - spy - computer - magnifying glass
photo: Corbis / Stanley Eales

Privacy is a bit like the weather — everyone talks about it but no one does a damn thing about it. Sure, it’s creepy that these companies track you and munch your personal information. But are you really going to ditch Facebook and every other online convenience of modern life? Read more »

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Angry man yelling in to mobile phone
photo: Shutterstock / Lisa F. Young

The social network Twitter is facing a storm of criticism from users, after revealing that it has implemented a system that would let it wit… Read more »

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