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So says the head of Qualcomm Korea, about the competing mobile TV standards/technologies…he says the a combination of T-DMB, which is back… Read more »

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Network Live, the live concert startup (join venture between AOL, XM and AEG group) has tied up wth Qualcomm’s MediaFlo to its content and p… Read more »

BW does a story on Qualcomm’s plans with MediaFlo, its mobile TV subsidiary. Nothing much new except for some details:
– Besides live TV, i… Read more »

Qualcomm chief executive Paul Jacobs has opined that it would be a good idea for Apple to release a wireless iPod now that mobile phones are… Read more »

Qualcomm is hedging its bets and developing chips based on DVB-H mobile TV technology, a strong competitor to its MediaFLO technology.
“It… Read more »

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Qualcomm is happy for MediaFLO to coexist with MBMS (Multimedia Broadcast/Multicast Standard) but is racing DVB-H for global standardization… Read more »

A group of companies have formed the Mobile DTV Alliance, which “aims to encourage open standards for TV broadcasts to mobiles, focusing on… Read more »

3G operators would have a difficult time getting customers to use the network, according to Dr Andrew Viterbi, co-founder and retired vice-c… Read more »

Japanese telco KDDI and US company Qualcomm will set up a company to “to explore the possibility of a service that would broadcast televisio… Read more »

Following on from Qualcomm’s announcement that it was suing Nokia for patent infringement the Finnish company has replied that Qualcomm hasn… Read more »

Qualcomm has filed a lawsuit against Nokia, accusing it of infringing a dozen patents related to GSM…it asked Nokia to stop selling or pro… Read more »

A detailed story on Qualcomm’s efforts to take BREW to Europe…last month it announced a deal with Nordisk Mobiltelefon in Sweden, its firs… Read more »

In what reads as a panegyric to MediaFLO Business Week has described a very promising future for mobile TV…
“Mobile video is set to take t… Read more »

Qualcomm, which is pushing its MediaFLO streaming TV-on-the-mobiles technology, was demonstrating the first public prototypes of the phone a… Read more »

I managed to get a hold of the Deutsche Bank report on Qualcomm, which mentions that Sprint-Nextel might adopt MediaFlo (we wrote about it… Read more »

This will be huge if it turns out to be true…according to analysts, there are indications from Sprint-Nextel might be using Qualcomm’ Medi… Read more »

The Elata and Flarion acquisitions reflect the outfit’s need to keep abreast of tech’s latest trends. Expect more of the same, says this BW… Read more »

Qualcomm has bought British mobile content company Elata for $57 in cash…Elata’s main product is a content delivery system known as ‘Sense… Read more »

Much of the activity in wireless tower business is predicated on advance mobile content/video services taking off. That also explains the co… Read more »

Several major companies have banded together to create the FLO Forum, intended to promote the development of products and services related t… Read more »

Qualcomm will support the i-Mode platform on some of its multimedia chipsets, a move which is expected to “streamline development requiremen… Read more »

The back-and-forth legal tussle between Qualcomm and Broadcom has gotten murkier: Qcom has sued communications chip maker Broadcom in federa… Read more »

Qualcomm is planning on using its Brew mobile application platform to drive its business, and although it has yet to make a profit from the… Read more »

Paul Jacobs will take over as CEO at wireless pioneer Qualcomm from his father and company founder, Irwin Jacobs. He’s got a few interesting… Read more »

Qualcomm is charging ahead with its MediaFLO mobile broadcast TV technology, and although it has a lot of strenghts, it also has a lot of ch… Read more »

As Qualcomm’s BREW Conference winds down a couple of stories have been put up of Qualcomm expanding its BREW platform into new geographical… Read more »

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