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RealNetworks Books Media Player Revenues With Subscription Sales; Subscriber Acquisition Costs Increase: A small but curious detail in its l… Read more » Expands Subscription Deal with RealNetworks: NBA will offer exclusive content on its site, using RealNetworks’ video and aud… Read more »

Flipside to Distribute Games Through RealOne Arcade: Flipside has partnered with RealNetworks to distribute its “Cash Competition” online ga… Read more »

RealNetworks’ Bet on Open Source: features an interview with RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser, on the company’s strategy of going open-s… Read more »

RealNetworks’ May Consider Porn, Again: After a rather public backtracking few months ago on plans to start an adult channel on RealNetworks… Read more »

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The National Hockey League on Monday introduced a subscription service for digital-video game highlights, in partnership with Microsoft. Thi… Read more »

RealNetworks goes mobile with NEC: RealNetworks has shipped a mobile version of its multimedia playback software in NEC’s MobilePro P300 han… Read more »

RealNetworks a Big Loser if Baseball Strike Goes Ahead: If Major League Baseball players go on strike this week, one of the losers may be Re… Read more »

Merrill Brown on Moving From Free to Fee: DotcomScoop has a short interview (down the page) with Merrill Brown, till recently the editor-in-… Read more »

RealNetworks Denies Planning for Adult Content: This one went down the drain faster than you could say cheese. RealNetworks has denied that… Read more »

Former Editor Merrill Brown Jumps to RealNetworks: This one is a shocker: Merrill Brown, the former editor at, who recen… Read more »

Is RealNetworks in Play?: CBS MarketWatch takes a look at the buyout possibilities for RealNetworks. In a world where consumer subscriptions… Read more »

Microsoft To Launch a Subscription Service Similar to RealOne?: Following in RealNetworks’ steps, Microsoft is setting itself up as a one-ma… Read more »’s Rhapsody online music service will now be distributed through to Hughes Electronics’ DirecTV Broadband and AOL Time Warner’s Ro… Read more »

Big Brother 24/7, on RealOne: CBS has tied up with RealNetworks to provide live video streaming from the “BIG BROTHER 3″ house, through its… Read more »

AOL Developing High-Speed Streaming Tech: Following up on the earlier Fortune story, reports on the details of AOL’s new streaming… Read more »

Is Terrorism a Threat To Subscription Services?: This is worth noting in full–a list of the risk factors which RealNetworks released along… Read more »

RealNetworks On Sony Devices: Following the earlier announcement that users will soon have the ability to transfer music from Pressplay to S… Read more »

AOL Turning Sour on RealNetworks?: RealNetworks has always had a close relationship with AOL, more as a result of being Microsoft adversarie… Read more »

RealNetworks Slides More Than 15 Percent: RealNetworks’ shares are getting hammered by a report released by NetRatings detailing the market… Read more »

New Multimedia Format Numbers from NetRatings: As expected, Nielsen-NetRatings has released its revised version of online multimedia statist… Read more »

RealNetworks (Nasdaq: RNWK) has launched a European and U.K. version of its RealOne subscription audio and video service.
The news, sports a… Read more »

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