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Shares of RealNetworks are up a hefty 33% year-to-date…what gives? The company is benefiting from being in some of the hottest growth area… Read more »

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RealNetworks has prevailed in a $200 million patent infringement lawsuit originally brought against it by Ethos Technologies in 2002.
A Mass… Read more »

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Well, not really a surprise, but RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser said at a conference today that mulling acquisitions from the money it got from… Read more »

With this $460 million cash bounty, RealNetworks now has about $820 million in cash on its balance sheet. What does it plan to do? One, as t… Read more »

For once, Rob could suppress his ego for the betterment of his company (these are my words…and something I’m hearing from a few other peop… Read more »

The two head honchos didn’t say much about Apple in their joint press conference, when asked about Apple, here’s what they said (via… Read more »

Here’s from our archives, some links and some choice quotes…the rivalry, at least over the last 2-3 years:
– RealNetworks Sees $16 Millio… Read more »

Now you know why Microsoft broke off talks with music labels: it has almost bought out Rhapsody.
If all the elements of the deal play out as… Read more »

According to the release: The antitrust and technology assurance agreement resolves all antitrust disputes worldwide, based on a $460 millio… Read more »

The topline details are in the post prior. This is what it includes on the music and games side:
– Under the music and games agreements, Mi… Read more »

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