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(via MarketingVox): eMarketer has issued a statement defending its research practices. This follows a lawsuit by Jupitermedia against it…… Read more »

Tech media and research firm Jupitermedia has formally sued eMarketer, a meta-research firm. It has sent cease and desist letters to eMarket… Read more »

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() My dear friend Jak Boumans of Electronic Media Reporting and Acten (the EU content body) has written a report on the state of premium con… Read more »

Australia’s online consumers are increasingly comfortable with the idea of paying for content…..yep, rejoice. Read more »

This time by Jupiter Research, to coincide with the Jupiter Online Media Conference. According to the report, consumers are warming to the n… Read more »

Traffic Tools Track Web’s Prime Time: Web researchers and competitors Nielsen/NetRatings and ComScore Media Metrix are starting to measure I… Read more »

Study: Sponsorship Pays Off: “Content sites have dabbled with the sponsorship model. Women-focused site iVillage has touted its sponsorship… Read more »

The Emerging Digital Consumer: A comprehensive report on the online streaming media consumers, released today by Arbitron and Edison Media R… Read more »

comScore MediaMetrix Erred in Measuring Web Site Use: And yes, we are all really surprised, really. comScore discovered flaws in the methodo… Read more »

At Work Audience is Elephant in the Room: The office audience has been under attack of late, by researchers, that is. It is an extremely luc… Read more »

OPA Releases White Paper on Online Dayparts: The study echoed the OPA’s long contention that the Internet content sites are the best place t… Read more »

European Mobile Gaming Worth Over E3bn by 2005: Mobile gaming will generate E500m in Western Europe in 2003 and over E3bn in 2005, a new stu… Read more »

Audio and Video Material the ‘Carrot’ for Home Networking: Audio and video material is likely to be what draws the average consumer into hom… Read more »

Online, Wireless Gaming Gaining: Analysis from Jupiter Research reveals that online PC game subscriptions are expected to reach $600.7 milli… Read more »

The number of peer-to-peer, or P2P, webpages rose more than 300 percent to 89,000 in the last 12 months, according to Websense. In addition,… Read more »

Paid Content: Still Struggling for Web-Wide Acceptance: This Newspaper Association of America (NAA) study reports on the paid content effort… Read more »

Consumer Stance on Paid Content Shift in Western Europe: Categorize this under your “lame research” category: 41 percent of European Interne… Read more »

Market for Paid Online Content in the U.S. Grows to $361 million in Q3 2002, According to OPA: Perhaps the worst time to release an industry… Read more »

Content Aggregators And Distributors Turn to Technology and Services to Retain Market Share: Revenues for the 57 companies in the $21.2 bill… Read more »

More on the Online Content Report: Vin Crosbie gives more details of eMarketer’s Online Content Report, which of course, I reported on in so… Read more »

(second item): Online subscription services do open some doors, as opposed to critics who have been crying foul about closing doors on the w… Read more »

Ten Percent of All U.S. Internet Users to Pay for Content Online in 2002: This according to a new report on the online content market by eMa… Read more »

Americans Continue To Embrace Potential Of Digital Music: A new study by Ipsos-Reid on digital music distribution in U.S. “In June of 2002,… Read more »

NetRatings To Report on Market Share of Non-Browser Based Internet Apps: This kind of expansion of Internet metrics will be important, espec… Read more »

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