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The Most Confusing (or Confused?) Study of the Year Award: “The Online Publishers Association (OPA) announced today the results of an audien… Read more »

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Online Gaming Set to Take Off in Singapore: Singapore’s market for Internet-based gaming is set to reach $9.2 million by 2005, from just $1.… Read more »

Average Revenues Per User for Wireless Predicted to Decline: A new survey ARC Group says that the average revenue per user (ARPU) is set to… Read more »

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Audience Increases to Paid Sites: Following up on my earlier posting about traffic to the website, CBS MarketWatch does a story on t… Read more »

New Study: Subscription Sites Gaining Traction: Subscription-based websites are gaining more traction with customers, according to a survey… Read more »

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European Music Spending: According to a survey by Screen Digest, subscriptions to music libraries, which can be accessed via different digit… Read more »

Mobile Gaming Hinges on Micro-Billing Systems: A new study from Frost & Sullivan reveals that the mobile gaming industry worldwide generated… Read more »

Revenues from Content Distribution: The online digital content distribution market is becoming increasingly important to the revenue prospec… Read more »

Streaming Sites Favor Ad Model, But How Long?: Streaming media content sites favor streaming advertising over subscription by a 60 percent t… Read more »

Another “pasty white” story on how users are unwilling to pay for content, this time from Ireland. Just 18 per cent willing to pay for daily… Read more »

Do you want for broadband penetration to reach a critical mass before jumping in ? Aren’t we there already? Pew Internet’s latest research c… Read more »

How P2P Will Change Content Delivery: A research report ($$) outlining the future of P2P content delivery networks. Key takeaway: P2P Conten… Read more »

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