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As Motorola’s woes continue other manufacturers are on the ascendant. “Samsung churned out 37.4 million handsets in the second quarter, comp… Read more »

As the launch of the iPhone draws near the stories on it haven’t let up. The Wall Street Journal has a piece on mobile phones that are (or w… Read more »

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Samsung Electronics has released its first quarter earnings for this year, showing a net profit of 1.60 trillion won (US$1.72 billion) on re… Read more »

Correction: I earlier mistakenly said Verizon Wireless…the phone is on Sprint (Thanks Robin).
He consider it innovative as an idea, but p… Read more »

Samsung has filed a patent for a new way of handling SMS, reports Unwired (via Engadget). The patent, Mobile communication terminal and meth… Read more »

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The alliance dedicated to promoting mobile Linux has named itself LiMo, ZDNet UK reports. The alliance was formed in June last year and incl… Read more »

Google and Samsung have signed a deal to put Google onto the Sth Korean manufacturers handsets, reports AFP. There will be a Google icon in… Read more »

The moves by handset manufacturers to rename the devices they make have been generally met with derision, but now BusinessWeek is suggesting… Read more »

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