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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series

Sales of the Kinect have swiped away all expectations, and Office is still going strong, but mobile was conspicuously absent in Microsoft’s… Read more »

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

Judging by the newsflow in the lead-up to CES, tablets — especially those powered by Google’s Android OS — are going to be one of the bigg… Read more »


A buzzy few days for Google (NSDQ: GOOG) and its mobile operation. The pace of growth for Android, as highlighted in Gartner’s Q3 smartphone… Read more »

Ok Go: "Here It Goes Again"

Here’s our take on some of the latest news at the intersection of technology and entertainment:

» OK Go: Brace yourself, YouTube. On… Read more »

Symbian Foundation
photo: Symbian

The Symbian Foundation has a rough road ahead of it, and without support from many handset-makers beyond Nokia (NYSE: NOK), it may face be f… Read more »

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