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Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility, two of the largest operators in Canada, have tied up with US company Idetic (operator of MobiTV), to laun… Read more »

MipTV was invaded by mobile phone companies this year, and the TV guys are becoming interested. “We spent most of last year trying to pitch… Read more »

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“This is going to be spectacular,” says Hyers. “It’s going to be worth a lot of money. It’s not an understatement to say that this is going… Read more »

TComm has launched a mobile TV service capable of delivering live, streamed and downloaded audio/video content to mobile phones…TELLYfoneS… Read more »

While checking out a recent story on StupidVideos I noticed an ad. The ad led me to the VCast getFAMOUS mobile video competition, which invo… Read more » reports that MoMedia International has signed an agreement with StupidVideos to distribute reality clips to mobile platforms… Read more »

At the MipTV featuring Milia conference Ericsson has showcased how “an existing interactive TV format can be fully aligned with mobile devic… Read more »

There is a strong argument that the technologies which are successful are those which allow person-to-person communication, for example voic… Read more »

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Mobile operator 3 is offering its customers the ability to watch the Grand National on their mobiles, marking the first ever live TV stream… Read more »

Following in the footsteps of virtual pets and Vivienne, the virtual girlfriend, Jamster is offering a watered down version – living wallpap… Read more »

“What’s interesting about the announcements last week is that companies are rushing to offer content on mobile devices that very few people… Read more »

Vodafone Live is sponsoring a mobile TV competition at the MIPTV featuring MILIA conference, with the finalists being shown on the 13th Apr… Read more »

“ABC News announced ambitious plans to expand its 24-hour digital news operation, offering a suite of multimedia services through television… Read more »

“The mobile TV distributor Kamera announced that the management together with external investors have completed their buyout of Kamera from… Read more »

An interesting powerplay between aggregators and labels, with the artists in the middle, as usual. The labels are coming down hard on compan… Read more »

At Digital Hollywood earlier this week, panelists were asked a question about the optimal pricing of the nascent mobile video services. None… Read more »

What kind of TV shows are best suited to be ported to mobiles? Well, Fox is trying with mobisodes of the hit show “24″. Seems like mystery/a… Read more »

SmartVideo, the mobile video services company, has sold approximately 2.4 million shares of its common stock and raised in excess of $5 mill… Read more »

For those of you unfamiliar with Happy Tree Friends it’s a series of short cartoons of friendly little furry creatures doing unspeakably gra… Read more »

Sony Pictures Digital Entertainment is trying to develop and own the next iTunes–but for films, something it describes as “the new anti-Nap… Read more »

Among the best level-headed discussion of mobile video I’ve heard till now: a panel at Digital Hollywood on the mobile TV and mobile video o… Read more »

Nielsen//NetRatings is “creating a ratings system to measure the number of people who are accessing news, entertainment and other services o… Read more »

One analyst thinks carriers need to consider more carefully their strategies for streaming content to their customers. He argues that the co… Read more »

One company has entered the mobile video market with short videos of such things as as “breaking news, entertainment stories, fashion catwal… Read more »

CNET has run a story from Strategy+Business warning that digital terrestrial television (DTT) is a threat to mobile operators as it provides… Read more »

Following on from the scathing dismissal of mobile content at the beginning of the month, has published parts two an… Read more »

Australia’s incumbent telco Telstra will trial DVB-H mobile TV technology later this year, according to a story I wrote for the Icon section… Read more »

Here’s a few snippets of mobile content news that came out this week that may have passed you by…

Bango Provides On-Bill Payment In USA:… Read more »

Movieseer has licensed video content from iFilms for distribution in 13 countries and territories in Asia. The content includes “more than 2… Read more »

The Register pointed to a press release from SanDisk about an announcement at CTIA on DRM enabled Flash Cards. “This will allow mobile netwo… Read more »

CinemaNow has announced agreements with Warner Music Group, Epitaph Records and TVT Records to sell music videos on a download-to-own basis.… Read more »

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