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Yet another mobile TV deal, this one between Alcatel and video over internet protocols provider Path 1. The agreement will enable “the deliv… Read more »

As in “keep it simple, stupid,” the recurring theme from the packed session on mobile tv now underway. “People are only going to use this s… Read more »

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Qualcomm is at CTIA trying to convince telcos to use its products (much like everybody else, really), and should be especially keen to promo… Read more »

In a general story on ongoing CTIA, some bit of news: Verizon Wireless and 20th Century Fox have tied up to launch “made-for-cellular” seri… Read more »

Vodafone has added eight new channels to its Mobile TV program in Germany, since “mobile phone TV is now one of Vodafone’s most popular info… Read more »

So this is not TV on mobile, but mobile video on traditional TV….Norway’s state broadcaster NRK claimed its test mobile transmission from… Read more »

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Celltick, a mobile video startup based in London, has raised $11 million in its third financing round in order to finance expansion of its… Read more »

Nokia has launched a pilot project enabling cell phone users to watch TV broadcasts on their handsets in the Helsinki region. Besides Finnis… Read more »

Crazy Frog turns into a real prince: That’s right – when future generations look back at the beginning of the 21st century they will find th… Read more »

Discovery channel comes to mobiles: The Discovery Channel has hit mobile phones, with a portal that will “provide content from all of Discov… Read more »

The “will it? won’t it?” question of TV on mobile phones is possibly the biggest one in the mobile industry at this point in time. “There is… Read more »

There is a legal battle underway in the US between the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) (and TV studios) and consumer rights groups o… Read more »

So says Strategy Analytics, in a new study, arguing that the vendor-led rush to bring broadcast services to market misses the critical issue… Read more » has linked to an interesting story about South Korean company Booktopia launching a series of mobile e-books about 29 Korean h… Read more »

Big hopes for mobile television providing the next wave of growth are tempered by rampant uncertainty as to what the public actually wants -… Read more »

Companies are banking on mobile television as being the next driver of mobile handset upgrades… Read more »

UK TV production companies are starting to develop content for 3G in a response to demand. “Endemol, Celador and Fremantle are all developin… Read more »

This writer has done some back-of-the-envelope calculations included several guesstimates to indicate that 3′s recent announcement of sellin… Read more »

Nokia has commissioned several video artists to create art pieces for the handset giant, which will be made available to customers free from… Read more »

(reported by Greg Fawcett) The ABC hit phenom “Desperate Housewives” is coming to mobiles soon, according to Larry Shapiro, exec VP of biz d… Read more »

Philips has been gung-ho about mobile TV for a while now, and has announced it will roll out a “system-in-package (SiP) enabling TV-on-mobil… Read more »

Opera, one of the recent challenges to Internet Explorer on the Internet, is chasing the mobile market just as agressively, and possibly wit… Read more »

Mobile handsets are not yet able to cope with the technological requirements for multimedia content that are beginning to be demanded of the… Read more »

RealNetworks is shifting its mobile strategy, reports It has expanded its deal with Nokia, under which the cell phone giant will b… Read more »

The jury is still out as to whether mobile TV will be the next big thing or a gust of hot air, and what form it will take. Philips Semicondu… Read more »

Wireless review has a good article on mobile video which points out the irony of new dedicated video technologies designed to offload video… Read more »

Verizon Wireless has selected Microsoft’s Windows Media format for its new V CAST mobile multimedia service…While other mobile operators o… Read more »

CNET has run a story on the plans of mobile giants Cingular Wireless and Verizon to offer TV to mobiles, and points out that “More than half… Read more »

By all accounts Indians are going crazy over mobile phones, and mobile phone content. Actress Madhuri Dixit now has her own avatar, and mobi… Read more »

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