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“The Financial Times reported on Monday that Chris Gorog, Napster chairman and chief executive, said the firm may apply its online music mod… Read more »

ROK Entertainment has announced it plans to sell full-length movies on SD-Cards to be viewed on mobile phones. The cards also come with a Ro… Read more »

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This article uses the recent deals between mobile content publishers and owners of cartoons and comic characters to explain how the mobile c… Read more »

An MMS-based soap opera called “Almost Hollywod” has been launched in Denmark. The episodes last about two minutes and feature both audio an… Read more »

So 24 on mobiles has been launched in UK…fans of the show can sign up for 24: Conspiracy, a series of specially shot 60-second mini-episod… Read more »

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In UK, the TV licensing authority is looking to charge mobile handset owners if their phone can receive live TV broadcasts…As the law stan… Read more »

This makes a lot of sense: “Mobile multimedia won’t compete with off-air broadcasting or cable TV or DVDs. It won’t compete with laptop acce… Read more »

The Economist has an article on why fixed line companies are focusing on selling TV while mobile companies – despite the introduction of han… Read more »

There’s a good round-up of the deals announced at CES 2005 and how they relate to mobile video or TV (although most of them are not for mobi… Read more »

Emblaze CEO Eli Reifman has been interviewed on the upcoming floatation of Adamind, a company which transcodes mobile content to match diffe… Read more »

conVISUAL has found a neat selling point – scenes from “Hollywood Blockbusters”. Not the whole movie, just bits of it. Which makes sense…e… Read more »

In what is truly good news for proponents of mobile video, Oplayo has announced it has reached 1 million paid mobile video downloads in a mo… Read more »

TU Media” has started trials of a satellite television service to mobile phones, with 3 video and 6 radio channels. The service is available… Read more »

Vodafone in Germany will offer a full-length movie to its 3G customers for free. Even more impressive, it’s being broadcast on the network a… Read more »

Hong Kong’s CSL will broadcast the “Crossing Borders Fund Raising Show” over its network for free. Viewers can also make HK$20 donations via… Read more »

If you want to know what to expect in the mobile industry in 2005, read this article. Don’t accept it as gospel, of course, but it gives a g… Read more »

Along with other things, MSFT gave a preview of its content download service for portable devices..the service is launching on Jan 6 (the si… Read more »

I’ve been waiting for something like this to come out. What is the problem with videophones? People aren’t used to holding the handset in fr… Read more »

WSSUP has come up with at least one person who likes their services. They offer the chance to send multimedia messages personalized by your… Read more »

Orange is sponsoring a movie making competition for mobile phones. This next-gen promotion has people making 60 second films out of 3D paper… Read more »

TV on mobile phones faces a lot of hurdles, including regulatory ones. This article goes through the issue, and points out that having diffe… Read more »

While SmarTone has launched its 3G service touting “exciting video calling” with “animation characters”, competitor CSL doesn’t believe the… Read more »

The CSIRO (Australia’s government funded science organization) and m.Net have developed a 3G video streaming application that “attaches meta… Read more »

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