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Customers of ’3′ in Hong Kong can now bet on horse races using their mobile phones. The short time-frame of a race makes it ideal for delive… Read more »

ESPN and The Walt Disney Internet Group (WDIG) will launch the Japanese version of X Games Mobile on the Japanese mobile networks of KDDI an… Read more »

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If you’re wondering what all the acronyms that are being tossed around in reports on mobile TV actually mean, here is a good glossary. Read more »

Indian cell phone company Bharti Tele-Ventures plans to air a new Bollywood movie on mobile handsets for free and in full Thursday in a bid… Read more »

Movies and literature will come to your mobile, after a fashion. As one publisher put it: “Right now the content on mobile devices is almost… Read more »

Mobisodes are coming to Asia, with Singapore’s Mediacorp producing a Chinese 3G mobile drama. The series will consist of 45 episodes, and wi… Read more »

3UK has launced video shortcodes, which “enables customers to access 3′s wide range of video content by simply dialling a “Short Code” that… Read more »

Start-up OnAir Entertainment is promoting a solution to sell pay-tv over wireless hotspots. “A basic system that can deliver four channels o… Read more »

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Mobile TV is definitely in the news of late. There’s still conflict between those who say mobile TV is the next big thing, those who say it’… Read more »

This article unashamedly promotes TV on your mobile as potentially outshining current mobile data darlings such as ringtones and SMS. Ringto… Read more »

Television is coming to your mobile, due to a combination of operators finding ways to use it to raise revenue and manufacturers putting it… Read more »

Europe has announced that DVB-H (Digital Video Broadcast – Handheld) will be the standard for broadcast TV in the continent. The industry is… Read more »

3UK has signed a deal with Associated Press Television News (APTN) to provide a new servcie called ‘Entertainment Now’. It costs five pound… Read more »

There’s a fair bit of controversy over what content will succeed on mobile phones, and leading the list is broadcast television on the mobil… Read more »

There’s been a lot of action lately in regards to films for mobile phones, mainly driven by carriers and handset manufacturers to get the ba… Read more »

Analyst Bill Thompson apparently almost missed the 3G phenomenon, which kind of casts anything he says on the subject into a little bit of… Read more »

Movies, video and television are gradually making their way to the mobile phone – and this is a problem. “Most cell phone video advocates se… Read more »

Despite the variety of features available on mobile handsets, the majority of usage is still from voice and data. The industry is trying to… Read more »

Technology Review has an interesting analysis of the push to get television onto mobile devices. 3G is not seen as a viable delivery method,… Read more »

This is a surprise to me. Considering South Korea is always touted as at the forefront of technology usage I assumed they already had video… Read more »

A survey by OpenWave has revealed that people want video on their mobiles, but are worried about the small screen. “Teens want a video libr… Read more »

Marketers and companies are trying to work out how to get their products onto mobile screens, refered to as “the third screen” after TV and… Read more »

Apple have published a QuickTime presentation of the presentation by Frank Casanova at the CTIA – Wireless conference. Casanova’s presentat… Read more »

An essay on how weblogs enbable communication through content: “Communicontent to me, is a byproduct of communication where traditional cont… Read more »

The outfit, which sells ads on Weblogs, has enjoyed this year’s burst of interest in political sites, but it needs a post-election plan…
[… Read more »

The National Basketball Association have announced a package of wireless video games and sports news programs in a partnership with Nokia an… Read more »

French Industry Minister Patrick Devedjian, speaking at a conference on HDTV in Paris, announced the launch of a forum for mobile TV, along… Read more »

European Mobile software company Makayama today released the ‘DVD to Mobile (Nokia Edition)’.
This software lets users convert a DVD to a N… Read more »

UK’s 3G operator 3 has signed a deal with EMI which will see Robbie Williams’ forthcoming Misunderstood video being offered to its subscribe… Read more »

TV is coming to a mobile phone near you. The trouble is finding things people actually want to watch on a mobile. MobiTV is covering a lot o… Read more »

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