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In Malaysia, mobile video serviecs arre taking off: for telco Maxis, 98,000 subscribers have signed up for its video streaming service so f… Read more »

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() A great PDF primer from the Nokia forums… Read more »

Make it mobile, not tied to PCs…use Wi-Fi, RFID and NFC etc. All that’s needed is to make portable audio and video devices network-ready,… Read more »

(via Steve Rubel) Well, I’m in there somewhere…
According to the story, few b-to-b media executives appear threatened by blogs, although t… Read more »

OB, the South Korean brewer is planning to run 2 minute ad designed to be broadcast on SK Telecom’s mobile phones. Read more »

CinemaElectric, the mobile video content provider, has expanded the distribution network for its multimedia content in France, Hungary and C… Read more »

Again, the DVB-H vs 3G debate: “Those that say TV over mobiles – if there is a market – will work over a simple DVB-H link much better than… Read more »

(via SmartMobs) Nokia has been doing some heavy-duty research on file-sharing on cellphones…the Nokia Research Center has adapted the P2P… Read more »

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UK’s mobile network operator 3 has launched of a new add-on called “Video Value”, which allows customers to download as many videos clips as… Read more »

Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Siemens and Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications have launched the Mobile Broadcast Services initiative. The initiative… Read more »

The first ever UK user trial a multi-channel TV to mobile phones is set to launch in spring next year. The usability trial is being conducte… Read more »

MMS is good for more than sharing snapshots. Operators across Asia — and soon Vodafone — are developing new services around emotive conten… Read more »

Dutch software company Makayama has released “DVD to Mobile (Sony Ericsson Edition)” software which allows users to convert DVD’s to a Smart… Read more »

Walter Mossberg reviews mobile video offering in U.S…(well, there’s actually only one…MobiTV, by Idetic, which is being offered in two f… Read more »

3 UK is experiencing strong uptake of its football news and video clips service since the start of the new Premier League season. On the fir… Read more »

Atlanta-based Zoie Films has partnered with Tin Can Mobile and Nokia to present a selection of one to five minute works in a new “Cellular C… Read more »

Simple: “Watching and recording videos on a cellular phone — a device more than billion people around the world carry on a regular basis –… Read more »

(reg. req.): An interview with Dany Levy, founder of, which was bought by former AOL-er Bob Pittman. A San Francisco edition… Read more »

An ambitious project is under way to find a way to send TV broadcast signals to mobiles by 2010.
Dubbed Instinct, (IP-based Networks, Servi… Read more »

Three O’clock, a London-based mobile entertainment company, has launched a video magazine service for mobile phones. Subscribers can gain fr… Read more »

Malaysian telecom operator Digi has launched what it believes to be the first TV service on high-speed mobile network in Asia.
Leveraging on… Read more »

A very interesting idea, in theory….billing itself as Blogads 2.0. Check out Blogversations, developed by Umair and a few others.
Let’s se… Read more »

NPR’s Robert Siegel talks with David Hayes, technology writer for The Kansas City Star, about Sprint TV. The new service goes online, and th… Read more »

According to Handango…The July report includes a list of the ten best-selling applications and ringtones by operating system.
Download the… Read more »

In Japan, KDDI has teamed up with Japanese mobile-phone manufacturers to develop a fuel-cell-powered phone equipped with functions for recei… Read more »

Following a global evaluation of the key mobile solutions providers, the UK’s football sports league FA Premier League has appointed Sportev… Read more »

U.S. operator Sprint will launch a higher-quality TV service for its wireless phones, through its new Samsung video-capable phones…
The se… Read more »

An interesting play by MediaBistro, in trying to develop nanomedia properties and mixing media gossip with job ads and networking.
I guess… Read more »

That’s almost the same headline that Wired News used (“Blogging For Bucks”) when profiling me last year, and this is the headline… Read more »

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