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The Media Drop mentions something close to my heart: how much advertising can I push down the pipe without crossing the line. There’s no sci… Read more »

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I wrote about the “embargo school of journalism” yesterday, pointing to the discussion going on at Jeff Jarvis’ blog. Today, some more react… Read more »

(via Micropersuasion) Tom Hespos does a great service to our emerging media (yes, I’m biased), by laying out some ground rules on how advert… Read more »

I missed by a day, but this site and blog is now two years old…I started it on June 11, 2002 (the Internet Archive has a June 27, 2002 sna… Read more »

Um, in this case, it means me…some of my plans come out in this PR Week story (reprinted on Brand Republic site), though nothing’s hidden… Read more »

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(by Vin Crosbie) Bloggers attending the BoggerCon II
conference Saturday at Harvard University’s Law School voted that
forming a trade assoc… Read more »

An interesting point brought up by Joe Wilcox, Jupiter analyst, on content copyrights and how they are being affected by the blog world…”T… Read more »

Jeff Jarvis, president of (the online unit of Advance Publications, Inc., includes CondéNet and Advance Internet) has revealed… Read more »

An interview with me on…On working alone, and why publishers must be brave enough to empower their journalists. Read more »

Earlier this week, I posted a note on Reuters’ latest deal with FAST, to go after copyright infringers online…I wondered aloud whether thi… Read more »

Rob Enderle opines on how blogs are chaning the media world: “I think the software industry faces the same issue. The issue isn’t about bein… Read more »

Something I’ve also written about earlier: the rise of the individual journalist-entrepreneur…NY Mag reports on the Weblogs, Inc and Gawke… Read more »

Watch out, the nanopublishing wars have begun…I’ll spare you the details, but read this… Read more »

Tucows, the softwrae download and sales company, has bought out, a weblog tracking service. is a blogroll ma… Read more »

A very nice piece by the pioneering Mac newsletter TidBits, on its efforts to develop diverse revenue streams…my revenue sources mirror so… Read more »

Jason Calacanis offers an update on his nanopublishing venture Weblogs Inc. More than the details on his business, here’s what I like: “I Read more »

Here’s something for the nanopublishing geeks to get excited about…pMachine, the blog/CMS engine which I have praised publicly before, has… Read more »

Well, it seems, people don’t like change…overwhelmingly, my readers did not like the name change to ContentTimes. Me, all I like is change… Read more »

A radio interview of me by the Greenlee team at Web Talk Radio, where I talk in some detail about weblogs and journalism…(I have realized… Read more »

Vin Crosbie rounds up more pioneers in the nanopulishing arena: interviews people like Hylton Joliffe of Corante; Steve Outing of Poynter; H… Read more »

A nice micro-essay by Om Malik….hey, didn’t know that Glenn Fleishman joined this new nano-venture called JIWire, which hopes to be all t… Read more »

Longtime MediaPost editor Masha Geller is joining MarketingWonk, the trade blog on online marketing…she’ll be the managing editor there. Read more »

(sub. req.): A short and nice story in the latest B2.0, on Six Apart, the parent company of Movable Type, the blogging software I use for th… Read more »

(large PDF file: 2.9 MB, 110 pages): Wanna BOD? Here’s a term I have just coined: blogging over dose…
Anyway, Nieman Foundation has publis… Read more »

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