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Wired News reports on Weblogs Inc, the project headed by Brian Alvey and backed by Jason Calacanis (and about which you read here first, of… Read more »

Jeff Jarvis dissects the new company, Weblogs Inc, which , of course, you first heard here: “It’s essentially a weblog syndicate for b2b blo… Read more »

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(WSJ story reprinted on WSJ gives a huge boost to RedPaper, an Adobe-backed project , and, both sites where users can se… Read more »

By his own estimate, [Matt Drudge] the former convenience-store clerk makes about $1.2 million a year, including revenue from his nationally… Read more »

An interesting story in New Yorker about the right-wing Drudge wannabes, so to speak: “ more fairly qualifies as something b… Read more »

Holy God, Economist writes on blogs….and they quote Tony Perkins, of all the people out there, which is a shame. If Perkins moves are revo… Read more »

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Ben Hammersley reports on the writers and artists who are earning money through the internet with micropayments..talks about companies such… Read more »

Two interesting series of stories on the changing face of journalism…”participatory media” and “We Media: How audiences are shaping the fu… Read more »

The RedPaper is an experimental online information exchange that blends self-publishing with micropayments. An author’s success depends on h… Read more »

An interesting story about how two small operations are reporting on fantasy games and making a living selling those newsletters online…ex… Read more »

Microdoc News, which is an excellent site on nano-media issues (started with heavy Google focus and has now expanded and re-designed), has a… Read more »

A sweeping, trends post by Jo Ito on user-generated micro-content…”Microsoft will continue to dominate the desktop, but it will become les… Read more »

(via IWantMedia): Are pay-to-read (read nano media) sites the way of the future? BW looks at one-person examples like Christopher Allbritton… Read more »

(via Dan Gillmor): A profile of David Wallis, founder of, online syndication done right, unlike iSyndicate or ScreamingMedia… Read more »

Yeah, in other words, trying to earn a living, like anybody else…only independently. Read more »

A profile of, arguably one of the most influential arts news sites online…a nano-publishing venture of Douglas McLennan, a… Read more »

(via BuzzMachine) : A very interesting development: has just relaunched its network of about 400 guide sites as weblogs. As an exa… Read more »

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last Tuesday that blogggers, website operators and e-mail list editors can’t be held responsible fo… Read more »

Forget that Guardian story on nanopublishing…Simon Waldman, the head of Guardian’s online operations, manages to do something remarkable:… Read more »

An article by Glenn Reynolds, on the lessons continuing evolution of the so-called reality/amateur porn teach nano publishers. “So what will… Read more »

Andy Bourland defines his new business as this: “So we’ve got two companies combined: one that struggled and failed to find a business model… Read more »

(or, A year down the content lane, the blueprint for the future…)

“Contentment,” said Luke. “A word which should never be spoken, only sp… Read more »

Fox channels will start airing Classmates from June 30, a show based and developed through The show will be a “half-hour str… Read more »

An Interesting Year Ahead for Online Community: Virtual communities have long been ticking over since the days of The Well, Tripod and Geoci… Read more »

Investment Ideas: Online Media?: Get out of this doom and gloom, and invest in online media: this is Nick Denton’s advice. “Valuations are s… Read more » Makes Available WWI Draft Registration Cards, For a Price:, one of the biggest subscription websites–750,000 paid… Read more »

MatchLive To Bring Singles in NYC Together: Online dating site today announced the launch of, a new subscription-bas… Read more »

Will TEoF Go Paid?: In response to the story below, the End of Free weblog may be considering going charging to some the site down the line,… Read more »

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