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(via Editors Weblog) The Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet, one of the biggest newspaper in the country, has created a Sony PSP friendly version… Read more »

Sony is taking some good steps in digital home (read the Orb news today in this context): from October, it will start selling a network base… Read more »

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Meanwhile, Sony PSP is breaking records in UK: it sold 185,000 units in its first three days on sale in the UK, according to market research… Read more »

Sony is adding Internet access to its Play Station Portable in a bid to increase the portable device’s appeal as a handheld entertainment ce… Read more »

In an interview with Japanese mag Famitsu, head of SCE software platform development, Izumi Kawanishi, spoke of the company’s recent PSP fir… Read more »

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Sony announced its second quarterly loss in a row and slashed its profit outlook, in its Q2 earnings. Sony posted a net loss of 7.3 billion… Read more »

Sony’s new PSP, with its vivid video, sleek design and hot sales, could be an answer for advertisers and marketers chasing increasingly elus… Read more »

This is probably the 50th story with “Saving Sony” phrase…this one happens to be on the cover of Newsweek’s international edition…
Steph… Read more »

An admission from Sony, finally: they sucked, and still do. The company’s digital music service Sony Connect will undergo major improvements… Read more »

Some more details on Sony Connect’s online movie service, to launch next year: they’re thinking of making it possible to properly buy (and o… Read more »

The joint machinery is beginning to move: Animax, AXN and Sony Entertainment TV (the latter two I’ve watched in India, and are very popular… Read more »

A day after Martin Tobias asks Sony to get off the ATRAC3 jihad (“I want Sony to stop being as*****s and get off the memory stick and ATRAC3… Read more »

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