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An explosive story..well, would have been. Apple CEO Steve Jobs offered Nobuyuki Idei, CEO of Sony Corp., the chance for Sony to come aboard… Read more »

In U.S., Sony is realigning its digital division that will consolidate its digital services platform operations under recently appointed CTO… Read more »

A technical story on Sony’s upcoming handheld game and other multimedia player…
For some more layman like details, read this CNET… Read more »

As I reported here first, Sony has plans to move beyond music, with its new Sony Connect service (Should I be angry with this chest thumping… Read more »

Sony Connect, the online music service by Sony, has launched in Europe…it opened its sites today in France, Germany and the UK, and will e… Read more »

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In Europe, that is. Sony Connect, the online music service from Sony, will launch in the UK, France and Germany next week offering a choice… Read more »

Howard Stringer is shopping for movies and music. But will content sell gizmos? A story following Sony’s big for MGM…That would give Sony… Read more »

(second item): Sony Connect, the online music service from Sony which was launched in U.S. with less-than-stellar reviews last month, is bei… Read more »

This hints at Sony’s plans for the network which will be designed to deliver content such as music and movies as well as providing strictly… Read more »

Sony Network Services has launched a new mobile music service in Europe, in partnership with mobile solutions provider End2End.
The ‘StreamM… Read more »

That’s what the new Mcdonald’s ad promoting its free song giveaway with Sony Connect is claiming…talk about hyperbole. The campaign start… Read more »

The McDonald’s-Sony ad will debut Monday, and offer customers a free song from Sony Connect..the ads are intended to stimulate sales of Big… Read more »

“Cell” as in the powerful new “Cell” processor it is developing with IBM and Toshiba. Sony CEO Nobuyuki Idei said it would use Cell to power… Read more »

Missteps cost electronics giant $100 billion in market value…Almost two and a half years after Appleunveiled its iPod music player, Sony a… Read more »

(reg. req.): Sony’s new broadband wireless TV will go on sale in U.S. this October…the TV, which was unveiled in U.S. at CES earlier this… Read more »

The screen is about as big as half a paperback book and has a spatial resolution of ~170ppi. The device includes various edictionaries and a… Read more »

Sony and Microsoft are preparing for the next round of the game wars: Who will control the home entertainment computer of the future?
The pr… Read more »

This is in addition to the new music services Sony announced at CEBIT yesterday: The mobile music service will be launched on a dedicated mo… Read more »

I kid you not…serious. Sony’s SoapCity soaps download site has started offering “Dawson’s Creek” selected episodes for digital download.… Read more »

Sony Music Entertainment CEO Andrew Lack’s speech last week, his first after taking over as CEO a year ago. In the speech, he gives details… Read more »

Coinciding with CES, Sony has announced a music download service called Connect, which will be available this spring and will offer more tha… Read more »

Sony has taken a 10 percent stake in British iTV company YooMedia. YooMedia, which develops applications for Sky Digital and other broadcast… Read more »

The design and functionality decisions underlying Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation 2 reflect the differing strategies of their makers… Read more »

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