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Sprint Chief Executive Gary Forsee has given an interview on mobile content, and the importance of it for growth now that the US mobile subs… Read more »

This is a comprehensive review of the current state of mobile TV/video in the US. According to the review, despite the differences between t… Read more »

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These Korean TV-based phones may be coming into U.S., on Sprint, and also makes clear that Sprint will probably launch live TV on phones…S… Read more »

Sprint Nextel has officially opened a venture capital arm, and has already invested in one unnamed company and will look to complete three t… Read more »

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Well, we’ll see some more action on this next week, at Qualcomm’s BREW summit/conference in San Diego (no, I’m not there). For now, after ye… Read more »

Facebook is expanding its mobile offering, having just finished building a WAP portal that will provide a mobile experience closer to that f… Read more »

[By Staci D. Kramer] It took two years for MobiTV to sign up its first 500,000 customers — and just six months for the next 500,000. The gr… Read more »

Some movement in the mobile game industry…
Infospace plans eight new titles in the next six months in Europe, all of which have been devel… Read more »

Sprint is offering a service aimed at people who want to eat healthier. “MyFoodPhone will provide Sprint camera phone users access to the wo… Read more »

Sprint has added three new channels to its video line-up. They are:
Saturday Morning TV: All those classics that we watched as children on s… Read more »

Nickelodeon has announced the launch of Nick Mobile on Sprint’s mobile service. “Nick Mobile on Sprint offers a combination of short video c… Read more »

Sprint has launched a $10 per month service for parents to track their kids. “The service lets parents look at maps on their cellphones or c… Read more »

So said Sprint Nextel’s COO Len Lauer, at CTIA…he doesn’t expect to add many new MVNOs to its network, and plans to take time to digest th… Read more »

Sprint Nextel is reportedly planning a music subscription service, although it hasn’t got as far as working out things like price yet. It wa… Read more »

Hearst Publications has launched mobile sites for Cosmopolitan, CosmoGIRL! and Seventeen…the sites are available on the portals Cingular a… Read more »

We mentioned Groove Mobile’s $8.5 million funding earlier this week…turnes out its customer Sprint Nextel has also invested in the company… Read more »

At the GDC conference carriers said that “developers and publishers need to hold up their end by producing quality, innovative games”. The g… Read more »

That’s according to the Usable Products Company, which surveyed more than 1,000 people in “ten key US cities” on their attitudes to mobile d… Read more »

Sprint has signed a deal with Atlantic Records to offer exclusive content from recording artist T.I. new album King. This includes being abl… Read more »

Sprint has added some mobile content focused on college basketball… “Renowned sports anchor and reporter Bonnie Bernstein serves as host i… Read more »

Mobile video services from three US carriers (Cingular, Sprint, Verizon) have been compared and found wanting. Although Sprint was judged th… Read more »

Sprint has signed a deal with MTV to put CMT, MTV, VH1 and Comedy Central onto Sprint TV. “In addition to offering subscribers select clips… Read more »

Sprint has announced the upcoming (spring) launch of Sprint PCS Picture Mail groups, which lets subscribers “add pictures, video clips and t… Read more »

Independent music aggregator Digital Rights Agency has blasted Sprint Nextel for failing to include independent record label catalogs, claim… Read more »

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