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(reg, req.) What a concept: have wi-fi in-store, will offer downloads. Anyway, at Starbucks’ annual meeting in Seattle yesterday, chairman H… Read more »

Starbucks announced its Q4 earnings this week, and in the conference call, Howard Schultz, Chairman and Chief Global Strategist, expounded o… Read more »

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Well, no one said it would be easy…Starbucks is taking longer than expected to introduce music CD burners to its coffee outlets because of… Read more »

Starbucks is continuing its strides in digital music and media: XM Satellite Radio is teaming up with Starbucks to create a “Starbucks Hear… Read more »

Some more details on Starbucks’ plans for streaming and selling content through its stores. Starbucks and T-Mobile, together with HP, have e… Read more »

Refer to the Fast Company cover story on Starbucks I pointed out earlier…The Internet and music services are just a start, according to Or… Read more »

Fast Company’s latest cover story is on Starbucks and its ambitions to develop into a media and entertinament giant…something I have writt… Read more »

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And why am I mentioning it here? Hold on. Let’s get to the news first…Coinstar, the supermarket coin machines company, has launched a pilo… Read more »

(via MediaDrop): Where else, but Starbucks. The coffee congolmerate has released a Sarah McLachlan-selected compilation CD through its HearM… Read more »

A profile of Kenneth Lombard, who was recently appointed as head of Starbucks’ entertainment division. Lombard helped Earvin “Magic” Johnso… Read more »

The first Starbucks music cafe, a former Hear Music store in Santa Monica, California, opens on Tuesday on a promenade popular with tourists… Read more »

The oh-so-posh Starbucks music is going digital, and how: it is going to launch an in-store music service allowing customers to do listen to… Read more »

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