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Search engine and portal operator Lycos has been sold to Indian digital marketing firm Ybrant Digital by South Korea’s Daum Communications f… Read more »

Lycos U.S. this week officially named Alfred Tolle as its new CEO, though he quietly took the reins in early this year…Tolle takes the rol… Read more »

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Wired News has had a bunch of editorial layoffs, reports The layoffs left the site with no employees bearing the title “staff writ… Read more »

Oh really? Well, Lycos is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and thinks it is on the rebound. Maybe I’ll just ignore everything else I hear i… Read more »

First major move by Lycos after its buyout announcement: new services Lycos People Search and Discussion Search are expected to anchor a num… Read more »

(sub. req.): Analysts are skeptical on Daum’s buyout of Lycos US, but the company is confident…”The acquisition of Lycos is a springboard… Read more »

Following Lycos’ sale to Korean portal Daum, here’re some reactions and comments:
– Asia Times: “I think it’s the right time for Korean Int… Read more »

For $95.44 million in cash… “The buyout will provide a springboard for our company to venture into the U.S. Internet market and become a g… Read more »

Seems like it, from this Reuters report…for $95.44 million…
For all the details leading ujp to the Lycos US sale, read our dedicated com… Read more »

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If Daum closes the deal with Lycos US, what will it do with the likes of Wired News,, Tripod and others?
If they would to ask me,… Read more »

As I reported first, the companies have made a tentative official announcement: Korean portal Daum is acquiring Lycos USA, even though the n… Read more »

Revenues of 275 million current euros in the first half of 2004, an 8% increase over the same period in 2003. The access business accounted… Read more »

Lycos U.S. is considering four buyout offers, parent company Terra Networks has announced, but stressed that it hasn’t made a final decision… Read more »

A sad day: I learned beginning HTML from Webmonkey, and after a couple of years of languishing, the troubled parent Terra Lycos has pulled t… Read more »

Web portal Lycos is offering for lease space at its Northern California offices in what could be a sign of further cost-cutting at the compa… Read more »

Lycos Europe will be laying off about 100 employees, bringing the employee count to 825. It will be focusing on sectors such as communicatio… Read more »

Terra Lycos and Movielink have begun to offer the latter’s movie download service from a jointly-branded site…Terra Lycos will promote the… Read more »

Rumors are flying on FC… already has an arrangement with Lycos on sharing content…
In a related story, Lycos Europe has be… Read more »

Dutch financial investor J.H.H. de Mol, the billionaire behind “Big Brother”, has acquired “five percent of the company’s share capital and… Read more »

The continued downturn in Lycos’ fortunes: Lycos Asia has reduced its Singapore operations to a skeleton crew today, laying off around 40 st… Read more »

: Lycos has re-designed and re-conceived its sites in UK and rest of Europe, and moved away from the portal strategy. The company has built… Read more »

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