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America Online confirmed to BetaNews that it plans to launch the next version of its client software, code-named Tahiti, early next year…T… Read more »

America Online has acquired audio and video search service Singingfish…AOL will tap Singingfish technology to let AOL Search users look fo… Read more »

AOL is spinning off its personals service, according to this story… will use the AIM community as a way for subscribers to get to… Read more »

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“But all the content in Time Warner’s deep chest can’t replace dominance of the basic connection used by most Americans to trade e-mail, cha… Read more »

America Online division is considering creating a desktop application that lets people access popular services such as search, news and maps… Read more »

America Online is quietly testing streaming video for its instant messaging products now that the government has lifted restrictions against… Read more »

America Online has begun testing a feature that lets its customers dial in directly to the Internet without launching AOL’s content-heavy so… Read more »

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Update: Viewpoint PR told me that the deal is non-exclusive, so other companies can still license the technology. There are some standard re… Read more »

Umm..that means soccer…AOL UK says it has scored a series of broadcast deals to bring football highlights to its broadband subscribers…… Read more »

America Online may be playing down a hidden recovery in its online ad business that will help it pull off a promised turnaround right on sch… Read more »

Time Warner’s Q3 earnings rose sharply as stronger results at its TV networks and cable operations and an investment gain offset weakness at… Read more »

AOL Time Warner will revert to its old moniker later this week… Time Warner will also return to using its former ticker symbol, “TWX,” and… Read more »

For some reason Time Inc always get drawn to the Pathfinder black hole…or maybe it is that we just love bringing up the sore points on any… Read more »

AOL plans to tap the underserved Hispanic audience in the U.S. with a new service, to attract new customers and help stave off a decline in… Read more »

AOL will integrate online games WildTangent produced into its IM service. “AIM 5.5 will include a ‘games’ button that will give people the o… Read more »

America Online has settled with FTC over wrong treatment of consumers: according to FTC, AOL treated subscribers unfairly over the last seve… Read more »

America Online, which only last week lost some exposure when its initials were taken off the name of its parent, will be the presenting spon… Read more »

Jonathan Miller, CEO of AOL: “People sometimes ask me if it’s a paid model or not. I answer by asking them to list all of the free media-ric… Read more »

The board of directors of AOL Time Warner on Thursday approved changing the media company’s name to Time Warner. CEO Dick Parsons said in a… Read more »

(Yes, I will now have to change my own category name from AOL to TWX!) Following the news that AOL TW will drop “AOl” from its name, the com… Read more »

Following the Financial Times story last week about AOL TW’s decision to drop AOl from its corporate name, WaPo reports that the stock-ticke… Read more »

On Thursday the board of AOL Time Warner is expected to endorse a move aimed at rebuilding morale and signalling the future shape and import… Read more »

“We created our own issues at AOL, and we have no one to blame but ourselves,” [Lisa Brown, exec. VP for interactive marketing] said Wednes… Read more »

The fresh approach is a bid to hold onto more of its existing subscribers by appealing to their 6-to-12-year-old children with new online ga… Read more »

Time Inc. Chairman and CEO Ann Moore: “The consolidation of the media is not as big a concern to me as the proliferation of unchecked media… Read more »

(via IWantMedia): So think CBS MarketWatch and, together.
MKTW: “So, is a perception of an image turnaround going to be enoug… Read more »

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