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(this is a new series of insider happenings in the industry: as they call it in journalistic parlance, reliable, yet unverified).
After Bus… Read more »

America Online has signed a deal with the National Football League to offer video and audio broadcasts online to AOL subscribers. The agreem… Read more »

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By collecting data from questionnaires and with users’ permission, AOL 9.0 can deliver personalized listings on TV shows, movies, music and… Read more »

The memo AOL CEO Jon Miller sent to hos staff: “In addition, you have probably noticed, as I have, headlines like “AOL In Talks on Atlanta S… Read more »

AOL Time Warner is considering dropping the AOL name from its corporate masthead…The proposal–made by senior management of the AOL divisi… Read more »

(subscription required): Time Inc’s strategy to close off their sites to print subscribers only, starting last April, has paid suprisingly g… Read more »

Video-on-demand technology firm SkyStream Networks has received funding from AOL TW and Comcast as part of a total venture round of $29 mill… Read more »

AOL is abandoning its strategy of making major changes to its AOL software as part of a single annual release in favor of rolling out fresh… Read more »

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Why won’t AOL unbundle its content pieces and sell them separately to consumers? This, in essence is the billion dollar question…a questio… Read more »

America Online has launched AOL Communicator, the stand-alone messaging suite. It includes an e-mail client, an address book, a souped-up ve… Read more »

AOL’s new version, AOL 9.0 Optimized, will rely on improved tools and content to keep current customers from defecting…
According to the s… Read more »

As Jonathan Dube mentioned yesterday, continues to link to articles from family site Business 2.0, which has closed off its site com… Read more »

AOL has tapped John McKinley, a former CTO of Merrill Lynch and GE Capital, to direct its technology initiatives. As AOL’s chief technology… Read more »

Business 2.0 website recently went behind a subscription wall recently (first reported here): editor Josh Quittner explains in the August is… Read more »

In a story on EA Q2 results, the company reveals that conslidation into the main company has cut down the costs, though it declined t… Read more »

AOL TW said second-quarter earnings rose sharply amid hit films such as “The Matrix Reloaded,” strength at its popular cable TV networks, an… Read more »

Update: Read this: AOL To Integrate It Within AOL Communicator.
This one caught me by complete surprise…the PointCast beast refuses to die… Read more »

AOL has started retailing a pre-paid cash cards for teenagers, as part of its unveiling of the AOL 9.0 client, which will allow teenagers to… Read more »

Well, no, the story doesn’t say anything about that…written by Phillip Swann of, he says: “DirecTV could team with HBO t… Read more »

WaPo has more details on AOL blogs, to be launched later this summer as part of AOL 9.0: three ways to update their blogs — online, through… Read more »

AOL said that it quietly launched a shopping site for music and videos this week, and has stopped linking to its earlier affiliate… Read more »

AOL Blogs were unveiled to a select group of bloggers, for their feedback. The biggest features: AOL IM as a client to blog. Jeff Jarvis giv… Read more »

America Online is expanding the promotion of its popular music and movies programming into retail stores. AOL is plugging its entertainment… Read more »

AOL has announced a strategic content and marketing agreement that will enable it to roll-out a range of mobile premium services, provided b… Read more »

AOL Time Warner is following the successful launch of Apple’s iTunes service by selling music downloads, it has confirmed….The new venture… Read more »

In the new beta version of AOL 9.0, the advances in its own Winamp multimedia player have some industry players convinced that its partnersh… Read more »

“When the time does come, Internet outfits struggling to boost their own subscription services are logical [AOL] buyers. ‘[Microsoft’s Inter… Read more »

A straight-from the heart-into-the-gut story from Simon Dumenco: “As Time Inc. Read more »

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