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The MozzyTone (the official ringtone based on the high-pitched sound that adults are supposed to be unable to hear) has officially launched.… Read more »

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Well, so they hope..this story addresses the lack of adoption of 3G services in UK, and how operators are hoping on World Cup, something we… Read more »

UK operator O2 has attracted 250,000 i-mode subscribers in the seven months since its launch, which it claims is “the fastest growing i-mode… Read more »

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TwoFour — an independent broadcast company in the UK — has launched a mobile division, TwoFour Mobile. “We are convinced that Mobile will… Read more »

Music retailer HMV, responding to declining in-store sales, will launch a three month trial on June 5th to buy CDs via mobile phone. The ser… Read more »

ITN Multimedia has launched a news service on the i-mode site of UK operator O2. The Read more »

Updated: 10/01/06: And now it’s a dance track…
Updated: 06/12/06: New York Times picks this up a couple of weeks later and has a front pag… Read more »

Mobile TV shows about the World Cup starting in Germany next month are cropping up: among them, 3 UK has launched “Berlin or Bust”, which ai… Read more »

Groove Mobile has signed a worldwide licensing deal with the Association of Independent Music (AIM), a non-profit trade organization for ind… Read more »

Warner Music UK and T-Mobile UK have teamed up to offer a mobile celebrity chat with the rock band The Darkness to coincide with the release… Read more »

UK’s Channel 4 now offers mobile video news bulletins — they’re currently free apart from data charges. “The service features bulletins, ‘H… Read more »

The Australian Federal Cabinet has (finally) agreed to make “sweeping changes to copyright laws”. The important thing for mobile is that it… Read more »

Vodafone UK has struck a deal with Gaming Corporation to launch an interactive mobile casino on Vodafone Live next month. “The service will… Read more »

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