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– Summary here of some DRM issues that the Mobile Entertainment Forum flagged up. It estimates that a lack of effective mobile digital righ… Read more »

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[by Jemima Kiss] — EMI’s prediction is that global revenue from digital platforms will grow from less than one per cent in 2003 to 25 per c… Read more »

[by Jemima Kiss] George Fraser, VP for sales and business development at Infospace, defined the key elements of mobile content. Where the we… Read more »

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Exactly what mobile TV needs or the beginning of the end for mobile TV? That depends on how you feel about reality shows… Peter Bazalgette… Read more »

Nokia has teamed up with the UK’s Press Gazette to launch the Citizen Journalism Award, which will spotlight people who found themselves wit… Read more »

Here are the top 10 mobile games downloaded in March as reported by Elspa…

1) Sonic the Hedgehog — SEGA/iFone
2) Tetris — EA
3) LMA… Read more »

Next week, I’ll be in London for the We Media Global Forum, being organized by the Media Center, Reuters and BBC. And while the program does… Read more »

Later this year…Disney Mobile, the MVNO from Disney, will make its way to the UK later this year, the company said today…it will use O2′… Read more »

Religious broadcaster TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) has signed a deal with JH2Media to offer its content to mobile phones. Starting May… Read more »

UK game retailer GAME has partnered with MAD4Games to sell mobile games on the website…the news being that the games are going to… Read more »

ITN has partnered with mobile network operator Vodafone to launch a 24-hour made-for-mobile news and weather mobile TV channel. It seems ITN… Read more »

UK-based Carphone Warehouse has upped its mobile content push in readiness for a world where content will drive handset sales. A portal Phon… Read more »

The Inquirer: Nothing like a good supposition story… The Inquirer has suggested that satellite TV operator BSkyB is likely to offer a mobi… Read more »

Terraplay, the Swedish mobile and connected gaming platform development company, has raised $3.2 million in funding. Investors in the round… Read more »

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