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loading external resource, an online travel company which is set to launch on Tuesday (July 4), recently got funding from Ram Shriram of Sherpalo Ventur… Read more »

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Red Herring: In a story here, Red Herring reports that Microsoft “plans to set up a venture fund to invest in local startups”. However, deta… Read more » has a whole series of podcasts with venture capitalists and industry veterans who attended the TiEcon 2006 recently held in San… Read more »

Business Standard: Besides Indiatimes and, here is another Indian internet portal that has announced its IPO plans.-  “We may fl… Read more »

The Australian: For VCs, China is passe. It’s India now, thanks to the growing internet and consumer wireless applications. The VC groups ha… Read more »

SF-based online health portal Healthline, which relaunched last October, has closed its recapitalized $14 million first round funding. The s… Read more »

Suddenly, health portals are rage again: Healthline, a new health portal and search engine out of San Francisco, launched today with some s… Read more »

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