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Eventbrite, which lets people set up pages to promote their events and also sell tickets, has raised $20 million in its fourth round of fund… Read more »

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Innovid, a startup which helps advertisers make their pre-roll video ads interactive, has raised $4.1 million in a first round of funding le… Read more »


Just over a year ago, we called attention to the big flow of funding going toward Twitter-related startups, noting that $23 million had been… Read more »

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Inflection, an under-the-radar startup which owns genealogy website, has raised $30 million in a first round of funding. The co… Read more »


Naspers, the South African media company which owns stakes in a number of digital properties, including Facbeook-backer Digital Sky Technolo… Read more »

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In an eye-catching report earlier this week, New York investment bank Peachtree Media Advisors said there had been a surge in digital media… Read more »

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