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It is official: Motorola is buying VOD server/software firm Broadbus, it has announced today. Motorola will use the acquisition to extend it… Read more »

Yahoo’s consumer tech site launched Sunday night. Some initial observations given that the site is supposed to be a step forward (the NYT ca… Read more »

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MediaWeek has a special report on the cable industry, timing it with the ongoing NCTA. VOD, broadband and how the digital media landscape is… Read more »

That’s TV-DVD-VOD, in case you didn’t get that…the momentum of those collapsing windows is increasing by the day, it seems, and “day and d… Read more »

With the VOD and iTunes video deals, the local TV affiliates are worried..this story says that when affiliates next meet with network execut… Read more »

A package of three stories on TV on demand, in light of the announcements yesterday from NBC and CBS about selling VOD through DirecTV and C… Read more »

For one, I was interviewed on two NPR shows today: Marketplace (for the business angle) and All Things Considered (for the consumer angle).… Read more »

So said NBC Universal Chairman Bob Wright, after announcing the VOD deal with DirecTV. This is especially true if the content has to move be… Read more »

This is a bold gambit, if Rainbow Media can pull it off…the programing unit of Cablevision is moving toward the first simultaneous release… Read more »

(via LR) Not that it really significant, but interestign milestone nonetheless: more than one billion programs have been viewed on its VOD s… Read more »

A very good story on how Comcast is pushing to collapse the video windows prevelant in the industry, of course, for the betterment of its se… Read more »

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