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Dow Jones is expanding ad inventory and co-branding options at recently acquired MarketWatch with new sub-channels (Industries, Life & Money… Read more »

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That was my first reaction when I saw a story on last night about Patrick Houston leaving CNET to work for Yahoo. I’m not suggesting… Read more »

As my mother might say, take the needle out of your arm. A sale or buyout bid isn’t completely impossible — we never say never here at paid… Read more » has running it “open house” this week…and runs until Nov 12. The open site is being sponsored by Adobe and Nokia, among others…… Read more »

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From the master of selling out at the right time, on why MarketWatch is considering selling at this point: “While Marketwatch revenues have… Read more »

Some analysts weigh in on the possible MarketWatch sale (see the dedicated company section for more news on this): John Tinker, an analyst w… Read more »

MarketWatch CEO Larry Kramer had no comments to offer on the NYT story (see the series of posts below)…
He did, however, tell me in an e-… Read more »

MarketWatch Inc. said its Q3 net income more than doubled amid growth in online ad revenue and integration of its acquisition of Pinnacor. I… Read more »

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Developing story: Wow…this one came out of nowhere. A week after MarketWatch CEO Larry Kramer guest blogged on my site, comes… Read more »

Some more instant thoughts on other potential bidders for MKTW (see stories below):
– FT (Pearson): Already own part share in MKTW. Would g… Read more » will open up its entire site for a week, in an effort to give non-subscribers a taste of the content..that was revealed last week. S… Read more »

MarketWatch CEO Larry Kramer on why the company dropped its dotcom moniker two months ago: “We had several reasons for making the change, no… Read more »

That’s the news bit coming out of the OJR story (also linked below): will also open up the entire site for five days starting Novemb… Read more »

Up this week in ContentNext Series, Larry Kramer, founder and CEO of Marketwatch Inc, the financial news and information company. This is mo… Read more »

Well, I’ve covered the flatline growth of is detail in the past, but in Q3, the numbers have perked up: paid subscribers to The WSJ.… Read more »

John Battelle says that and (and by extension their print versions) are irrelevant because they don’t allow deeplinkin… Read more »

Online media, that is…and there’s stellar pace ahead in Q2…”We all have some media share to take, and then maybe we can take that victor… Read more »

(second item) Financial info provider has dropped the dotcom from its name: it quietly voted at a board meeting this week to… Read more » has started opening one 1-2 stories a day, for complimentary access. These couple of stories are being indexed by Google News…
Goo… Read more »

I won’t say much, but let the numbers do the talking: Dow Jones came out with its Q2 earnings numbers, and its consumer electronic publishin… Read more », the financial news and info provider, has PlanAnalytics, a financial services tools company based out of Mendota Heights, M… Read more »

As Dow Jones doesn’t break down numbers in its electronic publishing group, it is hard to get a handle on the revenues of its website, alone… Read more »

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