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Aggressive investments into professional-grade (and semi-professional-grade) video content have dramatically increased the average amount of time viewers on YouTube and Yahoo spend watching shows each month. The competition, meanwhile, has seen its usage decline in a big way. We crunch the comScore video numbers. Read more »

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The 650 patents that Facebook acquired from Microsoft are “web-related” said a source with knowledge of the deal and listed some specific examples. The source said the portfolio includes patents related to: instant-messaging, e-commerce, LTE, mobile, handsets, search and advertising. Read more »

Scott Thompson
photo: PayPal

The news that’s been telegraphed for weeks is done: Yahoo is laying off 2,000 staffers, 14.1 percent of its workforce, as new CEO Scott Thompson remakes the business around the buzzwords smaller, nimbler, core, best in class. Thompson isn’t close to finished. Read more »

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