Stories for Jun. 8, 2003

In the new beta version of AOL 9.0, the advances in its own Winamp multimedia player have some industry players convinced that its partnersh… Read more »

Cable giant Comcast this fall will unveil a revamped version of its home page that will offer splashier multimedia features, including video… Read more »

On Thursday, programmer James Speth released a hastily written piece of software called 401(ok) that restores Net-wide music streaming to iT… Read more »

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Telefonica has no immediate plans to sell Lycos if its takeover of the Web site network’s parent goes through, and would operate it as an in… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 7, 2003
Stories for Jun. 6, 2003

Webby Awards has been announced: Google News got the best news site award…while BBC News got the people’s choice award in the same categor… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 5, 2003
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(via TheEndofFree): Very interesting: This blog post explores the possibility of accessing subscription-based information services via the G… Read more »

Adventive, the family of business-oriented discussion groups, has been bought out in a fire-sale by Andy Bourland, the founder of ClickZ (wh… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 4, 2003

A story on how Space Holdings, the parent company of, managed to get $4 million in venture funding in these tough times. Read more »

California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena, who have developed a system called Fast TCP, which will let you download a whole m… Read more »

PlanetOut Partners, the online media company serving the gay and lesbian market, announced that it has achieved its first quarter of positiv… Read more »

New additions to the service include a caching system that speeds Web page downloads and a revamped e-mail box with a spam-filtering system.… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 3, 2003

On Apple’s dilemma on not being able to get into music business because of Beatles…”It’s clear that Apple wants into the music business so… Read more »

NEC has developed a new technology called “Semantic Zoom” function, which enables the user to comfortably view webpages using TVs, PDAs and… Read more »

Metallica, who sued file-swapping network Napster in federal court, are promoting downloads of their songs via, a website… Read more »

“As weblogs grow in importance, we can expect at least some members of the ‘diverse and equal’ camp to advocate regulation of weblogs, on th… Read more » may seek partners such as Apple Computer and song distributor MusicNet for help in starting an online music service, according to… Read more »

Power Media president, principal, and RadioCentral cofounder Steve Rivers has a warning for radio: You have a new, dangerous co… Read more »

“When the time does come, Internet outfits struggling to boost their own subscription services are logical [AOL] buyers. ‘[Microsoft’s Inter… Read more »

Stories for Jun. 2, 2003

An article by Alan Meckler, the original founder of IW magazine, which closed down last week. Read more »

A straight-from the heart-into-the-gut story from Simon Dumenco: “As Time Inc. Read more »

Space Holdings, the parent company of, has received $4 million in a new round of financing from four of its original investors: B… Read more »

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