Stories for May. 7, 2003

Playboy Enterprises has swung into profit, on the strength of its website and television operations. Profits came in at $600,000, compared t… Read more »

This is the new new battle in the online media: Google’ CEO Eric Schmidt believes said at an industry conference that Internet companies th… Read more »

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Online profiling vendors are raking it it, sort of. A controversial practice from the dot-com heyday, profiling is making a comeback as some… Read more »

Australia’s online consumers are increasingly comfortable with the idea of paying for content…..yep, rejoice. Read more »

The president of AOL Broadband Lisa Hook said Tuesday that the company has seen striking success in merging television content in the broadb… Read more »

Terra Lycos reported a sharp drop in first quarter sales, stirring doubts over its business model despite continued progress in slashing ope… Read more »

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Stories for May. 6, 2003

Another Southern California Internet company under investigation: Nasdaq hasrequested additional information from online entertaiment networ… Read more »

MSN is planning to offer its photo service only to subscribers of MSN 8, an Internet service that bundles online services such as e-mail and… Read more »

Suing music pirates may scare off a few file-sharers, but providing legal alternatives along the lines of Apple iTunes makes more sense. Read more »

Microsoft is readying a new version of Xbox Live with advanced community features such as voice chat and locater services that operate indep… Read more »

Sprint’s PCS division is launching a new video product for users, offering movie reviews, news and sports scores from companies such as Dai… Read more »

Stories for May. 5, 2003

Sports site has been doing some interesting experiments in loyalty clubs for subscribers. Bobby Burton, VP at, speakin… Read more »

Speaking at the Selling Subscriptions to Internet Content summit today in NYC, Vince Broady, SVP, CNET Networks revealed an interesting tric… Read more »

IGN Entertainment is going private and will be acquired for $12 a share, a 50 percent premium to Friday’s closing price of $8. A new corpora… Read more »

RealNetworks will send audio and video streams of sports and news programming to consumers’ mobile phones. The digital media delivery compan… Read more »

Speaking at the “Selling Subscriptions to Internet Content” summit today at NYC, Paul Pellman, VP of consumer direct marketing at Terra Lyco… Read more »

Stories for May. 4, 2003

Is it time for an industry wide initiative to develop a framework for cataloguing and indexing of premium content? Is it time for a new prem… Read more »

Stories for May. 3, 2003

Yep, you read it right. Unfortunately, it is, much like the paid-listings market. And this has nothing to do with the market economics, and… Read more »

An interesting story on Blogshares, the fantasy shares market for weblogs…an interesting experiment in content economics, as John Blossom… Read more »

Sony has bought off the desktop software assets of Sonic Foundry, the company that helped develop core software for Sony’s own broadband ser… Read more »

Stories for May. 2, 2003

Golden Gate Private Equity was the winning bidder for the bulk of Divine?s assets at an auction held Monday and Tuesday, court documents sho… Read more »

IGN Entertainment, the online gaming information network, has slipped back in red, after a profitable last quarter. It reported a net loss o… Read more »

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