Stories for Apr. 8, 2003

(via Corante on Blogging): “I fear that this could be like some of those first struggles on the Net.¬†When the first Netizens were among fri… Read more »

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(free registration): Walt Disney Chairman Michael Eisner said Monday at NAB that his company would not let the threat of piracy keep it from… Read more »

Ten percent of the music sold in the world last year was ringtones: $3 billion. That figure from Jay Alan Samit, president, EMI Record Music… Read more »

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Bands can’t prevent bootlegging, but they can control it more than they have so far. “Beta versions of software become irrelevant when final… Read more »

Jewish Chronicle, the UK-based Jewish newspaper, is going subscription from later this month. “This facility – offering daily, monthly or ye… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 7, 2003

ActiveBuddy is relaunching the SmarterChild instant messaging bot on three of the four major IM platforms, and will now carry a $9.99 per ye… Read more »

Digital media technologies allow us to witness government initiatives in action and create an instant record of their failures or successes. Read more »

Terra Lycos unveiled a new version of its investor site, adding real-time market data and online trading tools. The enhanced featu… Read more »

Zinio Systems, the digital reader (PDF-based) technology provider, has launched industry’s first Mac-compatible reader. As part of the laun… Read more »

Watch the live webcast of NAB2003 conference starting today (Monday, 9 AM PST at Las Vegas): I am not too sure if the whole sessions, includ… Read more »

“With the bigger players — Microsoft, AOL , RealNetworks, Apple and Sony Music — all putting their cards on the table, the hedge-betting h… Read more »

IBM is to unveil its digital media technology called xCP (eXtensible Content Protection), a digital rights protection architecture that the… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 4, 2003

InfoSpace, which is restructuring itself into a wireless and software company, will shed 115 jobs as part of a corporate restructuring. On W… Read more »

Mobile content deals are happening fast and furious. SmartServ, a wirless content technology company, has tied up with an undisclosed handse… Read more »

Sony is developing a plasma screen television set that’s intended to tune in streaming video from home networks and the Internet as easily a… Read more »

Online game publisher WildTangent has announced new agreements with FOXSports, FX Networks and Pepsi International to deliver online games t… Read more »

Nando Times, one of the pioneering news websites, will cease to exist within about 90 days, said Christian A. Hendricks, VP of Interactive M… Read more »

MSN is Europe’s biggest portal, and it is widening its lead, according to this story. Advertising on MSN’s 17 sites across these regions has… Read more »

Yahoo Japan has inked a deal with Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers and Publishers, that will allow it to distribute music o… Read more »

The Digital Media Association and the Recording Industry Association of America agreed to a proposal for royalty fees that Internet radio se… Read more »

Stories for Apr. 3, 2003

Computer services company EDS is muscling in on the burgeoning market for digital asset management with a suite of new consulting services f… Read more »

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