Stories for Feb. 24, 2003

comScore MediaMetrix Erred in Measuring Web Site Use: And yes, we are all really surprised, really. comScore discovered flaws in the methodo… Read more »

The Vitriol Against Salon: An interesting bunch of letters sent to, in wake of its supposed imminent demise…”Salon — and I — t… Read more »

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“One worry for Google, Mr. Sherman said, is that a blogging service will make Google look more like a portal, putting it in competition with… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 23, 2003

The New Republic’s Print Stories To be Available Only to Subscribers Online: Following up on the news earlier last week, TNR’s print edition… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 21, 2003

Choosing the Right Payment Solution Essential (Europe): While large international companies such as Tiscali, Vodafone and Arcor can afford t… Read more »

And why hasn’t the world come to an end yet? Anyway, if you get past this, the story is about how ESPN is using a video-caching technology t… Read more »

Why European ISPs Need Partners: On-line subscription services for newspapers, music, and gaming finally are becoming viable businesses. Ope… Read more »

Beautiful Losers: [Salon CEO Dave] Talbot and [Radar founder Maer] Roshan have at least one trait in common: hubris. That’s not a criticism,… Read more »

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Want The News Now? Then Pay Up: A newspaper in Singapore has done what pundits here in US have only been debating for months and perhaps yea… Read more »

Music Industry Faces New Threats On Web: A Dutch man is about to go into business as an enabler of Internet peer-to-peer services. He wants… Read more »

In Japan and Korea, Mobile content Is Making Money: The wireless Web? Wasn’t its obituary written way back in 2000?…Yet, Japan’s three mob… Read more »

Reed Elsevier Third Largest Online Company: Reed Elsevier yesterday claimed the unlikely title of the world’s third largest internet company… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 20, 2003

Napster Rising From the Grave: Napster, whose assets were bought out by Roxio, will go through a resurrection. The company likely will launc… Read more »

An interview with Roger Fidler, Director of the Institute for CyberInformation at Kent State University, and an electronic content distribut… Read more »

Kazaa couples up with MatchNet: Well, this is a first: Dating services company MatchNet has announced it has entered into an agreement to pr… Read more »

Mobile Content: Phones Just Wanna Have Fun: A case study on how Samsung used it mobile club to promote premium wirless content services. “Wi… Read more »

Bango Unveils New WAP Text Payment Offer: UK mobile company has signed content providers such as Emap’s Parker’s Cars Guide and sh… Read more »

Online Journalism and Salon: When Dan Gillmor’s writers, people listen. Why does he support Salon: “Because I want to support excellent jour… Read more »

Mobile Industry Struggles in Wireless Web : “Now that the industry needs to take this model to the next step, by enabling consumers to send… Read more »

Online Music: Closer to the Right Note: Rafe Needleman highlight two new music technology companies offer products that are almost compellin… Read more »

Net Blocking Threatens Legitimate Sites: Well, read this story and the post below (about at work audience) together, carefully. The implicat… Read more »

At Work Audience is Elephant in the Room: The office audience has been under attack of late, by researchers, that is. It is an extremely luc… Read more »

Ericsson and Sony Music Germany Launch Wireless Music Content Service: Ericsson and Sony Music Germany will collaborate on a new digital mob… Read more »

The Revolution Masterclass on Paid-for Content: Nice to see mainstream online/tech magazines giving “masterclasses” on how to develop subscr… Read more »

RealNetworks Plans for the Future: International Expansion (Streaming Video Interview): A long and very informative interview with Brian Tur… Read more »

Stories for Feb. 19, 2003

Swedish broadband provider Bredbandbolaget and SF Anytime have launched broadband cinema across Sweden. 120 movies and a large number of TV… Read more »

Real, Ericsson Team on Mobile Media: RealNetworks has struck a deal with wireless technology provider Ericsson to power the delivery of digi… Read more »

Playboy’s Online Losses Narrow; Sees 85 Percent Increase In Subscription Revs: Playboy Enterprises’ online division reported losses of $0.3… Read more »

Real’s Real Competition With Yahoo: “But here’s the rub for Real: Many of its 13 content partnerships aren’t exclusive, which opens the door… Read more »

This is a followup to the list from Media magazine on the best online publishers of 2002. The companeis include CNET, CBS, E… Read more »

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