Stories for Jan. 15, 2003 Reaches for Home Market: In a sign that fledgling Internet music services are expanding beyond the PC, subscription service Liste… Read more »

Internet Firms Seen Posting Solid 4Q Growth: Internet firms such as Yahoo, DoubleClick and others are “expected to post solid growth in prof… Read more »

Gates: News on Every Wrist: Staci Kramer’s take on Bill Gates’ plans for a new era in which we rely less on the computer — and more on mobi… Read more »

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Yahoo Enjoys a Rebound That Rivals Haven’t Seen: WSJ does an analysis story on Yahoo, ahead of its Q4 earnings later today. “[Y]ahoo needs t… Read more »

Hoover’s Investor Hires Adviser to Look At Deal Options:This fight is being played out in the public: Marathon Partners, a 9 percent Hoover’… Read more »

Bandai Announces Launch of i-mode Content Service in Germany: Japanese company Bandai has launched “Charappa,” a content service for the Eur… Read more »

Hoover’s and D&B: Perfect Together?: An analysis report by the Perkins Group: looks at the price offered by D&B for Hoover’s and concludes t… Read more »

Yahoo Goes Broad, While Google Sticks to Roots: A good analysis by Jimmy Gutterman, on the differences between the two companies’ strategies… Read more »

Started as a Gimmick, Ring-Tone Sales Near $1 Billion: I will forever be amazed at the market for ring-tones…I can bet there are at least… Read more »

MusicNet Licenses Fantasy Jazz Label: Online music service MusicNet has reached a licensing deal with Fantasy, an independent jazz label and… Read more »

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Anticipating Yahoo’s Q4 results: Yahoo is expected to post earnings of about $36.4 million, or 6 cents a share–analysts have been anticipat… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 14, 2003

Content Is Crap: A provocative column by Arnold Kling on why info-mediaries still matter, written in light of the much-hyped launch of Creat… Read more »

Why Music Stays Free?: Vin Crosbie’s analysis of why the music market is essentially malfunctioning due to bad pricing decisions by music co… Read more »

LexisNexis Goes the Custom Portal Route: LexisNexis announced that Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, a global law firm, has become the next f… Read more » Launches Info. Toolbar: The “push” media is receiving a new push, and the challenge going ahead would be to figure out a way to m… Read more »

Studio Copyright Battles Worthy of Hollywood Script: Licensing red-tape is preventing movies from being released online, and creating huge t… Read more »

Steal This Book? A Publisher Is Making It Easy: “Prentice Hall is publishing a line of computer books, the “Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series… Read more »

Entertainment, Tech Firms Reach Truce on Digital Piracy: The leading trade associations for the music and technology industries, which have… Read more »

Yahoo Looks to Launch Wireless Subscription Services in India: Yahoo, which has more than 27 million registered accounts from India, expects… Read more »

CNet Cuts 80 jobs in a New Layoff: Read my lips, CNet Networks will not end this year as they started–they will either be acquired or be in… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 13, 2003

Jupitermedia Launches Analysts Blogs: A week after I wrote a story which exhorted research companies for not taking the initiative on weblog… Read more »

Paid Content More Successful on Mobile than on the PC: A new report released from Jupiter shows that by 2006 European consumers will spend E… Read more »

RealNetworks is signing up the sports operators in a hurry…PGA will offer subscription programming through the RealOne SuperPass multi-med… Read more »

Mobile firms eye ‘Playboy’ services: Something which was only a matter of time: Mobile phone companies in UK are turning to soft porn in a b… Read more »

Yahoo Makes Online Dating Easier with Video, Voice: In an overture to new paying subscribers, Yahoo is adding video and voice capabilities t… Read more »

Sites You Would Pay For, According to WSJ Writers: WSJ writers Tim Hanrahan and Jason Fry list their list of sites they would pay for. Inter… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 12, 2003

Analyst Says Hoover’s Accepted Too Low a Bid: Steven Gear, of Wunderlich Research Partners in St. Louis, Missouri and the only analyst issui… Read more »

Is Yahoo the Sleeper Content Clearinghouse? Well, it can be. The title is up for grabs…it could be’s as well. Yahoo is re-launc… Read more »

There, Here, Everywhere (Word file): There, the incredibly hyped developer of an immersive 3D online gaming environments (simultaneous launc… Read more »

Stories for Jan. 10, 2003

Paid Web Music Service Joins Top 10: MusicMatch ended last year as the dominant Webcaster, thanks in part to its subscription Artist On Dema… Read more »

ProQuest Co Names Alan Aldworth CEO: ProQuest, the information management company, lowered revenue and earnings expectations for the end of… Read more »

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